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Transference Bug


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If you go from Operator to Warframe too quickly, there is a chance to encounter this bug. You will know you have it because of a few obvious signs and symptoms

1.) Your frame will not be able to turn their bodies to the imputed direction, but they will still move in that direction. This will make you look like you are moonwalking.

2.) You will be unable to use any weapons. You can switch weapons or take gear from your gear wheel, but you will only hold that armament. You cannot shoot your guns or swing your melee.

3.) You can perform almost all parkour, except for doing a roll. It's completely random, but honestly I'd rather lose my somersault than my bullet jump.

4.) Pressing the action/reload button did nothing, preventing the use of consoles and elevators.

5.) The bug prevents the activation and deactivation of abilities. You can't use abilities to save yourself, you can't turn off active abilities that are draining your energy, and you can't go back into operator form again.

6.) I've tried typing "/unstuck", throwing myself out of bounds, and even forcing a Host Migration. But the only solid solution appears to be death. Unless you enter bleedout and spend a token to revive yourself, this bug will not grant you peace.

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