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Stalker Is Dropping Despair, But It's Not In The Foundry


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So, this has happened to me on numerous missions.

Stalker attacks.  I defeat Stalker.  The screen says it has awarded me the Despair blueprint.  The end of mission screen also informs me that I was awarded the Despair.  When I go to the foundry, it is not there, nor is the blueprint in my inventory.  It only seems to happen with Despair as he has awarded me Dread and Broken War blueprints on several occasions.

This has occurred with both the Stalker (while with people who had not gotten far into the game) and the Shadow Stalker (both when he's after me or when stalking someone else).

Just thought I'd pass this on, not sure if it's a known issue or not.

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I qualify.  I'm MR14.  I was MR8-13 when the majority of the Stalker fights occurred.  That's what I found odd about it because I knew I could use the weapon, and once or twice I could consider a glitch or even if it was happening with the other blueprints he dropped.  In the numerous times it has happened (4 more times since the OP in this thread) it is only the Despair that shows I've received it and yet after the mission it says it on my Missions Rewards, but when I go the Foundry, nadda.  Every other blueprint he drops seems legit and shows up.  Additionally I know it's not a global issue, because my wife and I battled him together, we both got the Despair blueprint, it showed up in missions rewards, and it showed up in her foundry, but not mine.

I've taken to 'farming' the Stalker to see if it's a legit problem or I'm just paranoid.  So far I'm up to my eyeballs in Dread blueprints and in theory I should have 6-7 Despair blueprints, but I have 0.  It is what it is, I'm sweating the loss by any means, I just thought I'd let the peeps at DE know so if it is a legit issue they know it's there and can look into it.

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