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If player Necramech die 2 script error


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  • TYPE: In-game 
  • DESCRIPTION: My necramech die → re-enter main warframe (in this case Vauban prime) → No more animation during cast any skillsNo way to cast Archwing: system reply: "bad spot to cast"... or sort of 
  • VISUAL: none sry
  • REPRODUCTION: Let your necramech die → perform some stuff with operator before return into main warframe... try to cast skills or archwing thats it (forgot to say my necramech died into deep deimos)
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Animation for casting skill not showing and no chance to cast Archwing despite different spot
  • OBSERVED RESULT: No more skill animation during cast and No way to cast Archwing
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 1st time my Necramech die so i dont know prolly random bug
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