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Need Help Choosing With My Next Purchases.



I'm fairly new to warframe and I don't know what items and stuff the get next.

Right now I'm using volt. I'm at level 27 (I got to this level in 2 days thanks to the gradivus event). My health is at 600 and shields are at 900( thanks to mods). I like having a lot of health and shields and enjoy using powers more then guns. Anyway what warframe should I get next? What the best warframe for my play style?


I'm also using a rank 30 boltor so it's about time to replace it. I'm only a rank 3, so what's the best weapon for me to use. I usually use automatic and semiautomatic weapons. What's the best primary weapon I can get for my play style.

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If you like health and shields?

Go Rhino, its a tank like frame.


It has a power that lets you have a sort of extra shield (rhino skin) and also gives you a weapon power buff (roar)

Also a rush type power and a aoe damage stomp that stuns the enemies.

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That Health and Shield is a lot higher than my Mag's (and Mag is considered tanky for her high shields).

Anyway, in my opinion, you only need Vitality when going through infested. Because toxic ignores shield and directly depletes Health.

You know what is tankier? Rhino.


If you like using Skills more than weapons, try Nova.

I believe Nova, Volt and Mag are caster types.

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Volt has the same shield rating as rhino and frost, but rhino has that big bit extra called iron skin. which is too good a reason not to play him.


I've played all frames but keep going back to rhino. he...is...awesome.

Yep maxed out Rhino and Iron Skin is very handy, especially with Infested swarms

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You like being tough, so try Rhino. You prefer powers to weapons, so try Nova. Mag is a good balance between the two. Note that in order of ease to obtain for those 3 I'd say Mag is easiest, then Rhino, then Nova. I don't really enjoy the Ash/Excalibur frames recommended by Piotr.


Boltor is a really solid weapon, theres not much that is far superior (in semi or full auto) until rank 6. You could try Gorgon, full auto rifle, rank 3 or Sobek, Full auto shotgun at Rank 4 but I suspect you might end u[ sticking with the Boltor. Once you hit 6 your options open up, especially if you're in a clan.

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Whatever you decide, don't buy them!

Guaranteed BP drops from bosses, start farming...


If you can wait 3 days you will spend some credits, 20 plat on a slot and 20 on a potato (unless you have some lying around).

The cheapest frame is 75, and others are 300+.


Really, don't buy them.

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