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Triton Survival


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So I was running through Triton with a friend... We decide to just get it over with and extract as soon as possible. At 5 minutes, we head towards extract. He is about 20 ft in front of me. He gets to extraction, and it instantly extracts both of us, even though I am not yet to the extract point. No timer, no warning, just instant extract. We still had a good 50-60% on the life support. I got no credits at all for that mission because of that.


I thought Survival missions were changed so that stuff like this wouldn't happen. I thought I read in some update notes that if life support hasn't run out, all players have to be at extract for it to finish, and I thought there was supposed to be a countdown timer anyway. What the hell just happened?

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The Survival mode is flawed and will always have problems.


I thought they said they had fixed the extraction issues as well, but I don't play Survival missions so I haven't experienced the bugs in a while.


I try to stay away from em myself, but I am a completionist, and I wanted to get that system over with.

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