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Defense Mission extract chosen -- but we all stayed in.


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On Helene, Saturn, our party voted to leave after a certain number of waves (I believe it was 10). After extracting and getting the "Mission Complete" popup, we never loaded out. Hitting P minimized the end-mission summary and allowed us to move around, but without any HUD. The cryopod did not appear to be taking any damage during this time. Our Inaros, mechanikitty, managed to stay alive and move around. After dr0wsydruid (Trinity) and I (nyc0phiile, on Wisp) died, we could not come back up or be revived. We could watch Inaros fight, but on our screens he was not moving, even though he was on his. 


Hitting escape worked for myself, dr0wsydruid, and mechanikitty, but not Lemon_Fanta. Hitting "Abort Mission" from the escape menu gave a message that only said "Mission cannot be aborted as it has already been completed" (or something along those lines). We only managed to get out when the host, dr0wsydruid, hit ALT+F4 to close the game. 

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