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My posts asking for discussion on double standard are being deleted


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I am the one who got chatbanned for saying a non-vulgar non-colloquial scientific name for visible female genitals. I asked, "Why is X profane if it isn't a bad word" and got banned for a week.

I have been playing for 1800 or so hours, so I wanted to know why this was the first time I ever netted a chat ban. Turns out they really don't like the word I used, even though I've used all sorts of other lewd words before... so what gives?

I ask my friends if they get banned for saying names of male genitals in region and they didn't get a ban. I got proof of this and tried to upload it, but my post was deleted.


We need to talk about the profanity filter and I'm being muzzled every time I try to bring it up. This is incredibly frustrating as a user who was not just slapped in the face with a huge sexist double standard but is now also being faced with censorship from mods on the forums AND reddit as well as a complete in-game chat ban for a week even though what I said was in no way inflammatory and would have been filtered out by the actual profanity filter in-game for sensitive users.

The profanity filter is a problem. We really need actual people moderating the chat so that they understand social flow and context as well as grades of punishment for transgression. Why is saying an arbitrary body part as bannable as saying actual hate speech? What lesson are you teaching young players by reinforcing the idea that these are "bad" words?


I'd love to upload the pictures for more discussion

but I'm afraid my posts will be deleted again



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You have been informed numerous times that if you want to appeal against your chat ban, your only avenue is support by creating a support ticket and discussing it with them.

Spam posting threads complaining about your chat ban is not constructive as the forums are unable to do anything about it and breaks the forum guidelines.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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