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Update 29.5: Deimos Arcana

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Here are some tangible points to discuss.

  • Judging by the screenshot, Undazoa looks like the development team didn't want to make normal textures for her ("Hi Phorid"). I'm serious.

  • Despite the fact that the Affinity radius for Nekramechs has been increased, the problem with a very long and unpleasant "experience gain" for them remains.

  • We are grateful for the interesting new Infested weapon, but we are still waiting for a second breath for Hema, in the form of an augment.

  • Special thanks for the glaive update. 100% chance of toxin from Cerata is great. But it will be nice if the Maggots from Pathocyst work for Virulence Nydus and add stacks to his passive ability.

  • Thanks a lot for improving the warframes. Especially for Xaku "The Lost" and Nekros "Soul Punch" (finally, the SP is useful). Getting stacks from Larva is a nice bonus, but it still doesn't cover Nidus biggest drawback: "No mobs - No stacks - No abilities - No Nidus." I am aware that this is his peculiarity and I am not complaining. I adore Nidus (Although, you can make him more durable. And to be honest, I do not really want to see the inscription "Prime" in his name).

    But still, in the future, there may be some way to neutralize this minus. For example, some way to summon Maggots to destroy them and get stacks. Also, I would like to note that it would be very good if Virulence not only inflicts damage, but also imposes a status effect (40% Puncture, 50% Slash, 10% Impact). This will be another nice bonus, plus an additional opportunity to use Helminth's ability "Expedite Suffering" and Larva Augment: Slash from Virulence + Poison from Larva with Augment + ES.

·         Цитата

There is now a ‘Nora Night’ audio slider in your Options that you can use to Mute Nora’s in-game transmissions.

   Thank you so much for that. It remains to add "Disable Glass Fissure on missions", and one less annoyance will be.

  • Despite the fact that Nekramech has been scanned a hundred times long ago, he does not appear in the codex and cannot be spawned in the Simulacrum.

  • For some reason, Octavia Resonator received through Helminth continues to play this awful standard music, and its sound cannot be muted (only through the General mut in the sound settings).

  • Protea's somersault animation is interesting, but clearly unfinished:
    1) Visually, it jumps further and higher than the rest of the warframes, but physically it is not. With her somersault, she cannot climb the usual 2cm highground and it looks stupid. The height of the somersault should be increased slightly for convenience.
    2) Variety of somersault. Everything is quite simple here - you need to add a second or even third type of  her somersault. "Somersault only one side is not professional" (c)Teshin

These were some general update notes from me. And now, since the topic of changing warframes was touched upon, I would like to bring in some small ideas that I have been keeping in my head for a long time, but now I managed to form them. These ideas relate to my three favorites: Mag, Nyx, Valkyr.
Unfortunately, my PC does not allow creating 3D animation, for a more detailed display, so I will try to explain in words.


Passive (We all know how useless her passive ability is. This option will be more pleasant than the current version): The basic vacuum range is 7 meters. For each item pulled - not to be confused with "picked up" - with this passive ability, the vacuum radius will increase by 0.5 meters for 5 seconds, up to 20 stacks for 20 items (an item that has already been pulled for 5 seconds will not be counted a second time, or update validity time). Also, each pulled item increases the Pull / Grip cast range by 0.4 meters and the Crush radius by 0.2. Stats cannot be increased / decreased by mods.
These stats were created with careful thought, but can be increased after tests and community feedback.

          New (or updated, as convenient) ability - Pull and Grip
Pull (Press): 
Mag pulls the enemy towards her. If the enemy has shields, part of these shields 5/10/15/25 are transferred (Once every 2 seconds) to Mag and can accumulate in overshields. Also, the Magnetic effect is applied to enemies with a 35% chance for 5 seconds and it does not stack with the Magnetic effects from a weapon or from this ability. If destroy an enemy during this effect, an Energy Orb may drop from him with a 15% chance. Also, from the enemy under the influence of the Magnetic effect from this ability, you can get twice as many shields, but only once until the effect ends.
Shields received from the enemy can be increased by mods on ability power.
Status chance, Energy Orb chance, Status duration, The period of theft and the number of enemies (3/6/9/15), from whom shields are stolen for 1 use of the ability - cannot be changed by mods. (Radius, angle and pulling force remain unchanged)

Grip (Hold): Mag uses her power to strangle enemies 4/6/9/12 at a distance of 5/7/9/11 meters at an angle of 60/80/100/120 °, holding them for 5 seconds where they are, making them helpless and dealing 0.5% pure damage from their maximum health.  If the enemy has armor, then Mag will start draining it from them at a rate of 1/2/3/5 units per second from the current value, adding them to her base armor. Received armor persists for 10 seconds, and enemies released to the ground are marked with a special visual effect for 15 seconds. Enemies with this effect can be recaptured, but cannot lose armor or take damage from this ability until the effect ends.
The amount of taken armor and the radius of the ability can be increased by mods.
Angle, damage, armor drain speed, duration of the effect on enemies, duration of the effect on a warframe - cannot be changed by mods.

         Magnetize: The general mechanics remain the same, but now a small pleasant bonus is added to it - instead of completely disappearing under the affect of the Nullifier,  Magnetize Targeted sphere will not damage enemies, and the Protective sphere will not accumulate damage from shots. But both will continue to absorb projectiles, until the moment the Nullifier will not be destroyed

( Notes: This change will help the player to protect himself and his allies, and not waste energy on numerous re-casts of the ability in locations where there are 100500 Nullifiers. However, you still cannot reuse the ability in the Nullifier dome area.)

Polarize (Press): Without changes.

Polarize (Hold):  Hold the key to use a different version of Polarize. This wave consumes an additional 35 energy, restores 2.5 times more shields, moves 3 times slower and longer than the original, and destroys all projectiles in its path. Additional energy consumption, shield regeneration, duration and speed are calculated from base stats cannot be changed by mods. Only one such wave can exist at a time.

( Notes:
Many players have long wanted to see this Polarize subspecies. After thinking ahead, I decided to balance this - the Wave protects from projectiles, going slow enough to provide useful temporary protection. And at the same time, you can activate such a wave just once, preventing spam, and the enemies will sooner or later pass through it)


Crush (Press): Same stats, but now Mag deals equally Magnetic and Corrosive damage. After the end of the use of the ability, the enemies will receive a negative effect: If they have shields, they will have a Magnetic status with 3 stacks. If opponents have armor, a swarm of particles will appear around them, causing small damage by corrosion (no status effect). If the enemy has a shield and armor, the frequency of damage received will be higher.
Ability Synergy: Particle damage increases if the enemy is under the affected of Magnetize
All stats, except for the particle damage rate, can be changed using mods as before.

Force Crush (Hold): Use a more powerful and costly version of Crush. Spends 2 times more energy. Damage increases equivalent to the enemy's level, starting from 60 increasing every 20 levels.

Notes: Why did I decide to improve this ability and add an enhanced version? Let's be honest - this ability was hardly good for anything without augment, even with the recent update after which the ability now restores shields. Mag controls not only magnetic fields, but also matter, even if she uses magnetic fields for this. She can destroy shields and armor in equal measure. Nevertheless, she never managed to effectively deal damage with this ability at medium and even more so at higher levels. This change is intended to correct the weakness of this ability, making it more enjoyable without breaking the shaky line of balance.
How Damage Boost for Force Crush works: Up to level 60, damage without mods will be 1500 magnetic 1500 corrosive. Starting from 60 - damage will be 2500 for each type of damage. Every 20 levels, it will increase by 1000. Particle damage will also increase with the level of the enemy. This boost is just a prototype. The final version will depend on the tests.)


Protection of the Matriarch (Pull and Grip):
Pull and Grip give shields and armor to allies
within of 50 meters, with 50% effectiveness. Pull gains the ability to pull objects from afar (does not activate a passive ability).

Death grip (Pull and Grip):
Grip duration increases to 10 seconds, damage increases to 3% per second, armor received per second increases by 2 times. For each held enemy, Mag loses 2.5 energy per second.


Passive: Enemies are 35% less accurate when targeting Nyx. Each enemy that hit Nyx has a 50% chance to start attacking his allies. Both effects are disabled while Absorb is active.

Mind control (Improved): Target affected by this ability now move and fight 10/20/30/40% faster. Also, the target's weapon takes an additional 15/20/25/35% damage from the main weapon of the Warframe, taking 50% of the chance of status and the chance of critical damage if it is a ranged mob and 25% if it is a melee mob, and each attack has a chance to apply Radiation Status.
All parameters cannot be changed using mods. The total damage buff is calculated after the end of invulnerability by adding the received buff during invulnerability and the buff from the warframe weapon. The weapon buff does not count the gain received: from other warframes, mystical amplifiers, operator, riven mods, etc. However, the weapon buff from Absorb does.

( Notes: Nyx
Mind Control is a very aesthetic ability that matches the concept of the essence of Nyx herself. However, there has never been a radical benefit from it, because it is too weak. And after the introduction of such Warframes as Xaku and Revenant - Mind Control is morally destroyed and is used mainly for the sake of hard fun. This improvement is intended to make MC-submission more useful in combat. An independent mob that is really stronger and faster than its "former allies", is able to inflict critical hits and actively apply statuses to opponents - much more useful than "an ordinary pear".)

Psychic Bolts: Without changes

Chaos (Improved): During the action of this ability on at least one enemy, Nyx receives "Veil of Chaos" - a special buff that allows her to disappear from the field of view of the enemy for 3 seconds, every 8 seconds. Attacks made while the Veil is active do not reveal Nyx.
The enemy killed during the action of the Veil has a 20% chance to cause a Wave of Chaos for 5 seconds - Opponents fall into a rage, and begin to attack each other stronger and faster, ignoring Tenno and his allies.
Wave of Chaos
affects everyone was touched by the Chaos ability,  and can only be triggered once every 17 seconds.
Chaos recast does not reset the cooldown of the Wave of Chaos trigger. Wave of Chaos will not trigger if Chaos affects fewer than 3 enemies.
Veil Duration and Cooldown cannot be changed by mods.
Wave Chance, Duration and Cooldown cannot be changed by mods.

Chaos Radius and Duration can still be changed with mods.

( Notes:
The problem with the current Chaos is that it works too poorly. Enemies may not notice the illusions that Nyx created, or in 100% of cases prefer the real Nyx over illusions, and run towards her across the entire map, ignoring the ability acting on them. Veil -  is a form of defense, but also a means of attack. Losing Nyx from sight - enemies will concentrate more on each other. Wave, in turn, will help them to quickly overcome the distance for a fight and improve the process of their self-destruction.)

Absorb (Improved): All characteristics of the ability remain the same, but 2 new features are added.
Reflection - During Absorb, some of the projectiles will turn into "Mind Projectiles" and be reflected back to the enemy making him more vulnerable to the Absorb explosion by 2/3/4/5% for each stack (Maximum 10 stacks). Damage per stack, the number of stacks and their duration (6 seconds) cannot be changed by mods.
Reverse Damage - By absorbing damage, Nyx adapts it and converts it into the most vulnerable physical damage for each faction.

( Notes: The main problem of the current Absorb (in particular against clusters of strong enemies) is the type of outgoing damage from absorption. At the moment, Absorb deals the type of damage that was absorbed. That is, the Grineer inflict the most explosive and impact damage. Corpus - Puncture. This mechanic was introduced not so long ago. And Absorb returns these types of damage to them. But since this is damage to which they have high resistance, it does not cause significant damage to them (we will not consider the teams that learned how to buff the Absorb for 1.7 million damage). This gave rise to the idea of the opposite damage. The enemy will receive the type of damage to which he is most vulnerable. Thus, the damage from Absorb will become much more effective against serious opponents. It will also reduce the monstrous energy consumption for absorption for those who like to play using the Absorb explosion.)

Strong mind (Mind Control):
Enemy affected by this ability reveals the weaknesses of his enemies and attacks them with the damage most vulnerable to their faction. Reduces damage taken by the target by three times while invulnerable.

Full Veiled (Chaos): Veil works on allies within 35 meters. Allies have a 10% chance to activate Wave Of Chaos.

Anarchy Assault (Chaos): Veil no longer hides from sight, and enemies can attack Tenno and allies during the Wave of Chaos. WoC duration increased to 10 seconds, trigger chance to 35%, cooldown 30 seconds. Enemies under the influence of WoC deal 60% less damage to Nyx, and when they attack each other cause bursts of radiation pulses, causing damage in a radius of 15 meters and applying a status effect.

Reverse Vulnerability (Absorb): The explosion from Nyx Absorb now hits the enemy with elemental damage, to which he has the least resistance. Removes Mind Projectiles.


Passive:  Without changes

RipLine (Reworked/Improved): No more combo. The ability now pulls (chain / hook / harpoon?) 3/5/7/9 enemies to Valkyr at a distance of 10/15/20/25 meters in a 90 ° cone in front of her face, stunning them for a short time an d dealing 50/100/150/250 Slash damage to them. Damage has a 25% status chance and can stack up to 5 times. The ability is not affected by Ranged or Melee Weapons mods(Including Valkyre Talons).
Pull radius, Slash damage can be improved by radius and strength mods.
The number of enemies, the chance of status, angle and the number of stacks cannot be changed.
Valkyre can still use this ability on surfaces to play Spider-Man. (it remains only to make the necessary animation, no kidding)

Synergy with "Slice & Dice"Using Slice & Dice ( Stance - "Claws") for 3 seconds on opponents pulled in with the RipLine activates 2 fast powerful slahing blows with 3 wide claws in the area in front of the face, with a final round kick that will knock opponents back. Enemies with Slash Status will take double damage from slashing strikes.
The hand with which the first blow begins depends on which hand Valkyr pulled the enemies to her (if she pulled it with the left - the first blow with the right. And vice versa)

Warcry (Added Synergy): The current parameters of the ability have remained unchanged.
Synergy with Slice & Dice:
Using Slice & Dice (Stance - "Kick them") on the enemy while the Warcry debuff is active, Valkyr knocks him and the enemies closest to him (radius 15 meters, angle 120 ° facing the target). Knocked down enemies stay on the ground for 3.5 seconds, are open for finishing moves and cannot be pulled with RipLine.

Slice&Dice (Reworked): Valkyr new ability. "Combat stances" that unlock bonuses of other abilities or that deal damage by themselves.
Change stance - Hold. Apply the selected stance by spending energy - Press.

"Claws" Stance -
Use sweeping diagonal strikes with long, wide energy claws, dealing 200/300/400/500 Slash damage in a 3/6/9/12 meter radius. Each cast activates a one-handed strike, consuming 5 energy per hit. Each subsequent application increases the damage done by 200 units, the radius by 1 meter and the energy cost by 5, up to 30 energy per hit. The buff "window" is 4 seconds and cannot be changed.
The base damage of the claws and the damage for the next hit can be increased by ability strenght mods.
Base radius and cast radius cannot be changed.
Energy consumption can be changed by energy efficiency mods, but cannot drop below 5.
Cut through crowds of enemies, or use the ability in synergy with "Rip Line".

"Kick them" Stance - Valkyr kicks foes in a 10/14/16/20 meter radius, inflicting 300/400/500/600 Impact + Puncture damage in the form of a shock wave that travels through enemies for 3 meters. Also, she uses her current shield level to amplify this damage by 3.5 / 4.5 / 5 / 6x, and every blow throws the opponent off balance. Hits with a 5% chance can open the enemy for finishing with Parazon, but no more than 1 time in 15 seconds. A wave passing through the enemy does not have this effect, but still deals damage.
The radius of damage can be increased by mods, but no more than 30 meters.
The distance of the shockwave from the hit enemy cannot be changed.
Base damage can be increased by ability power mods.
The shield multiplier cannot be changed. However, an increase in shield levels (and overshields) will affect the final damage.
Kick your enemies or deal a fatal blow to them in combination with "Warcry".

Hysteria (Improved): Additional effect - "Bloodlust". The longer the Valkyr is in Hysteria, the stronger her desire to tear the enemy to pieces.
The zone (the one that was, as it were, an indicator of energy consumption) is now expanding not only over time, but also from murders. An enemy located within the radius of this zone is shown through walls and displayed on the minimap.
In addition, the damage taken will now convert a small percentage into melee damage. The harder the enemy hits Valkyr, the angrier and more dangerous she is.

( Notes: Valkyr has a 2 problems for a long time: 1) Useless 1st and 3rd abilities. 3) No pleasant and convenient options for suppressing crowds of enemies at too great distances for her. I am sure that these changes will fix its flaws and make the gameplay more interesting.)

Hysterical Assault (Hysteria (Imroved)) : Aim and the attack to leap onto enemies up to 50m. With Hold on the melee key, Valkyr will perform Eviscerate after jumping, deal quick and monstrous wounds to the target. If the target survives this blow, then it will begin to bleed out for an extended period. Eviscerate consumes an additional 20 energy and cannot be used on a target already bleeding from this ability.

"Through their hearts" (RipLine): The ability no longer pull enemies. Instead, the ability pierces through opponents at a distance of 45 meters, dealing double damage. Punch Through +3.

"On me?" (Warcry): Warсry no longer slows enemies. Instead, all enemies hit by the scream stop attacking any allies, and quickly run into melee against the Valkyr. Enemies touched by this ability take 100% more damage from Valkyr and 100% less damage from allies. The effect can be triggered no more than once every 30 seconds.

Bloodshale tornado (Slice&Dice): Valkyr gains a new stance for the Slice&Dice ability. This stance can only be used while Hysteria is active. To activate, you need to get 50 kills with Hysteria. Deals colossal damage to enemies around it within a radius of 40 meters, consumes 10 energy per second, lasts 10 seconds. Each subsequent use will require 25 more kills, cap to 100, until the end of the mission.


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Il y a 11 heures, EmperorSaberr a dit :

Here's what you don't get. This "change" was not told to us in the stream or in the test cluster. It literally came in randomly without anyone knowing. For players who actually uses Khora for SE farming it impacts us extremely heavily. This shows DE literally targeted Khora and SE farm as a result of macro farming which is like 3% of the player population from 97% of the players who actually farms SE. They didn't just tell us about this change they tried to hide it in the middle of the patch notes having one sentence. DE has done this many other times and players are sick of it. It forces them to give up on a frame they enjoy a lot due to some of these huge nerfs. Even in stream 1 or 2 weeks ago, they literally said "No nerfs only buffs don't worry".  You're wrong also about the "you would have been told to change or revert the nerf". If they said this in stream or in the test cluster many players who plays Khora and enjoys her would rant on the forums, reddit, twitter everywhere to spread the word to change this nerf.  The frame is one of the hardest frames to farm also so it just makes it even worse now.

Khora was literally used only for SE farming because she was that good. Some times speed run sorties or exterminate if you add that, but over all she was the top tier go to frame for SE farming. DE taken that away from players who enjoyed SE farming as content and its killed the Steel Path now. The new SE farm is completely useless as its based on a time frame rather than enemy type spawn. I did calculations and you can get nearly only 120-150 SE in 2 hrs from this update, rather than 300-400 in 2hrs in the old SE farm. 

Yeah we players are going to have to accept this change but it will make the player base dislike the game that we love even more. Changes like these is what makes the game unenjoyable due to DE being like this.  

I do understand about the stream, but I disagre regardless. As as I said, they don't have to report on any of the changes they do, even if it impacts anyone. This is where we disagree. It is their game, they can do whatever they want with it. They chose to put all changes in a changelog, it's already far more than most. Sure, it changes things... and so what ? It's their choice and anyone is free to give feedbabk.

Now, the fact that some player may feel like they are "hiding things" byt not talking about it on stream is my itself something that they might consider an issue. I don't but I may change my mind on this, meaning, maybe it is a good thing to say it anyway, so that DE can look at it and decide if they want to change the way they do things or not. But I don't consider it as a mandatory thing.

Always remember that there are many players and not everyone will aggree on things, it's up to DE to decide what is important and what is not.

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Il y a 11 heures, TheLordOmega2 a dit :

They're disguising a nerf as a fix.

It's not the first time this has been done either, remember the whole looting frames debacle a while ago?

I already said that not telling about it on stream is not an issue to me, I will add that I think the same for the test cluster. Now, if they purposely falsify published data, that would be different for me, but as far as I know, there is no such thing.

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Using Mire in melee is bugged. It would attack for the first few times but then randomly stop, (even while spamming E). Tried equipping and unequipping but the problem still persists. This only happened after the latest update. Please do look into this. Thanks!

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On 2020-11-20 at 3:30 PM, HowWesWasOne said:

So instead of trying to fix the multiple abilities in the game that aren’t any good...y’all make an amazing ability completely worthless...and another good Warframe goes immediately into the garbage. Well done!

And this after [DE]Steve said some time back (maybe 2019) in one of the Devstreams that they are no longer going to nerf what's popular but instead bring what's unpopular up to a better standard, and provide balance that way.
Apparently not.

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12 hours ago, Shiah said:

Just did another 70m SP survival, the "regular" one (meaning NOT incursion like before). No acolyte spawns :)

Just got Mania spawn in Orb Vallis SP free roam. Guess they really do spawn from time to time.

And now a Misery spawn, same free roam session.

Edited by Shiah
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Hey DE. If enemy on Steel path wouldn't drop steel essence, why u guys name it steel path. Adding stalker's followers already stop people from using Macro to obtain large amount of Steel essence. Since people can't use macro anymore, the only people left to farm the steel essence will be those who truly invest their time in it. I hope this game in being better and better. And hope u guys can see this 

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On 2020-11-20 at 12:39 AM, [DE]Megan said:

There is now a ‘Nora Night’ audio slider in your Options that you can use to Mute Nora’s in-game transmissions. 

This brought tears of joy to my eyes

Edited by DebrisFlow
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On 2020-11-19 at 6:39 PM, [DE]Megan said:

The time at which they choose to appear may be a bit random, but if you kill mobs, they will come! 

This doesn't work in exterminate missions, where you run out of enemies to kill. Can you clarify the "If you kill, they will come" statement with more details on how this actually works?

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At this point I think you need to abandon Grasp of Lohk as an ability that targets enemies automatically. You've proven time and time again you're not capable of making an auto-targeting ability that fits within your own anti-turret stance so you need to just stop trying. Either change Grasp of Lohk to a different ability entirely or make it interactive. 
Make the summoned guns fire at the player's target when they fire their own weapons, that way you don't run into players optimizing to the point of passivity and you add more power to Xaku at a range that is healthier for them since they don't have appropriate tools for staying alive in melee range at higher levels. 

Alternatively you can make the guns attack enemies that have been afflicted with the Void Status Effect by Xata's Whisper, that allows players to sweep an area with a potentially low damage gun that has a good chance of inflicting the status. It improves the viability and overall usability of Xata's Whisper, creates internal synergy for Xaku's kit, and again prevent the passive playstyle you're looking to avoid.

As it stands right now all the changes you've made the Grasp of Lohk just show that you don't even want that ability to exist. And if for some reason you do want the ability to exist, you don't want it to be viable. I personally have a lot of fun playing Xaku, but their lack of effective and accessible damage at a safe range makes me avoid bringing them to content that is relevant to me such as Lich Hunts and Arbitrations.

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13 hours ago, Slayer-. said:


Yes both because they too can kill through walls. :facepalm:


12 hours ago, Spectre-8 said:

 There , fixed it for you .

Thank you, I noticed the mistake after I hit submit and then got distracted by something outside and never got back to it.

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