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UI bug when managing gear inventory in Arsenal.


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So basically I was getting ready to go fishing in Deimos and wanted to equip my newly acquired spear. I go to move my Archwing launcher up one slot on my gear selection wheel to make room for my new spear. I want all my spears together on the gear wheel for OCD reasons. Once I move the Archwing launcher up one slot, the game will lock up for about 1-2 seconds, then continue to run. However, at this point, I can not select anything else on screen, nor can I back out of the gear wheel screen. It happened once, so I figured it was just a random glitch and alt+f4'd the window. However it keeps happening.  If anyone else can confirm or deny this is happening to them, it would be much appreciated! The snapshot is of the screen after the glitch has occurred and no UI selection is working. https://imgur.com/a/MiIeMWs

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