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Low Duration / Low Range Helminth builds



So I've got no issue creating different Helminth builds for my warframes with loads of duration/range/strenght cause pretty much all the good subsumable abilities work pretty well with such a mod setup. The problem is when I want to optimize builds like for example EV Trinity (low duration) or my eidolon Harrow (low range) - a lot of the abilities Helminth can give you rely on these stats so I can't find good replacements for the innate frame abilities that I don't really use (Trinity 1 heal for example).

Does anyone here have any tips on which subsumed abilities could still work with builds like these? I've been working on getting another Protea for the Dispensary but aside from that I don't really see many "good" replacements I could use. Help is appreciated 🙂

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Well, there's always Empower. It isn't affected by any stats, and unless your build needs low strength it can improve almost anything.

An eidolon-focused Harrow build is tough to find a good Helminth ability for, since the fight and the role are both niche. You don't really need strength, you don't have a lot of enemies that can be affected by powers, and you don't use your guns/melee for a large part of the fight, so there's not much you can do. You could add Smite Infusion (if you can afford the mod slot) to buff the damage dealer, or to increase your own damage if solo.

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