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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.1


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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.1


  • Added an Orokin Matrix icon next to Loid’s Fast Travel option and his dialogue options in the Necralisk.



  • Improved friendly Polyp-Hog Juggernaut’s survivability during the escort portions of the Deimos Delicacies Bounty.

    • In its previous state, the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut was not tough enough to put up a fight in the later stages. We’ve made the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut more robust to make the level 30-40 bonus much more attainable!

  • Removed Pulmonars, Proboscis Cernos and Catabolyst from Conclave.



  • Fixed softlock that would occur if trying to Trade a Mod and Platinum in the same offer.

  • Fixed a script error that resulted in the Jackal Parazon stab not functioning, which resulted in an inability to progress the fight. 

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Weapon Pod Blueprint requiring 45 Tinks. It will now require 45 Scrap as originally intended (obtained from dismantling Servofish at The Business in Fortuna). 

    • We’ll be reviewing the backend to see if any players spent the 45 Tink and rushed the Blueprint crafting. 

  • Fixed the Health bar of the ‘Contamination Unit’ disappearing in the Cracks in Deimos Bounty after a Host migration. 

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Exalted Ironbride ‘Drain / Second’ stat not appearing when hovering over the ability icon in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed Bonewidow sinking when Exalted Ironbride is being held. 

  • Fixed Bonewidow Exalted Ironbride Energy per second displaying 2 instead of the correct 2.5.

  • Fixed the bonus UI in the battle stage of the Deimos Delicacies Bounty showing succeed/fail state right when entering the stage. 

    • UI will now properly show fail state if you go below 50% before the battle stage.

  • Fixes towards reinforcement encounters persisting and keeping missions active,  preventing further Bounties in the same area. 

  • Fixed script error that could occur when attempting to purchase items from the in-game Market as a gift. 

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when putting away the Fishing Spear at certain spots in Cambion Drift.

  • Fixed a script error related to the True Master Font Blessing Altars in the Relays. 

  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a Trinity Specter used Energy Vampire.

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Thank you for the speedy hotfix!

Please consider rebalancing and increasing the drops for the new Arcanes. Players need a total of 103 (63 Theorem and 40 Residual) for completion, and these require more time investment than any other Arcane while also having incredibly underwhelming effects. These drop rates (currently 6.25% from Tier 1, 7.14% from Tier 2, and 18.75% from Tier 3 respectively) are likely going to be buffed later as all updates have shown in the past couple years, so it's just better towards player time investment to do it sooner rather than later. We don't need a repeat of 2019 updates that feel bad to play at launch, and feel even worse when they are trivial after "revisited" update when all your previous time is devalued.

Here are the new Isolation Vault drops as per:



Also, can we please see Vome and Fass residue affected by Resource Booster and Smeeta's Charm?

Additionally, Deimos obelisks do not seem to force-spawn enemies in the Cambion Drift. This makes them unusable for farming resources. Being investigated!

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3 минуты назад, .Raf сказал:

Is it intentional that I could only obtain 3/4 blueprints for the new K-Drive? I did every single race that's available on the Cambrion Drift, hitting every flag on each of them.

And i can't found this blueprints in forgery :)

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Please remove the isolation vault progression blocker before being able to do bounties. It's a terrible way of doing things and makes public matchmaking impossible.

I don't want to grind isolation vaults. I don't need to grind isolation vaults. I have already done the grind for isolation vaults. Let me actually participate in the new content when I want to.

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FYI my group completed the first 3 Isolation Vault bounties and then one of us had to leave so we went back to town. When the rest of us went to continue, we could not select the new bounty (still locked) and the original bounty to re-do the first 3 vaults was no longer in Mother's bounty list. We went into Deimos and tried to launch it from each T1/2/3 Mother location and it was not there either. Is this a bug or intentional? Nothing in the patch notes about it.

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after leaving deimos where i did the new vault missions the hotfix was already deployed.
went to foundry to cancel the bonewidow part, but when clicking cancel and ok nothing happened. tried it several times.
so i closed the game and updated. but now when i try to cancel it tells me i get the scrap back, not the tink. now i tink, is this ui problem, and in fact i get back tink, or would some dev have to tinker with it, because i would indeed only get the scrap back? :tinking:

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