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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.1

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1 час назад, AlexJuli сказал:

Leveling of the Voidrig was a real disaster because of bugs and limited usability of necramechs in general. Now after the update, my Voidrig with 5 formas still has level 30. How can I get level 40, should I delete existing polarities to add new forma?

You didn't read changelog carefully, you got ALL mastery points up to 40 level (8000) and you don't really need to uplevel voidrig to this level

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6 hours ago, Rivendark said:

It doesn't mention a stance anywhere, nor do i remember them saying it would, so no, not false advertising, you can clearly see what you are buying.


Decorated in sharp glass, and striking a powerful pose, The Gara Kaleida Deluxe skin comes with a whole new look, as well as two unique Animation Sets for this beautiful Warframe.

Includes the Starglaze Shards auxiliary attachment."

It's now the second time you've proven to not having read the thread yourself even though you were bashing others for not doing so (and them being in the right)

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vor 11 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

Fixed unreachable Syndicate Medallions spawning in the recently remastered Corpus Ship tileset. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1214473-unreachable-syndicate-medallions-on-corpus-ship-remaster-tileset-investigating/ 

so this was not true just did a mission there and guess what i found the mark at the extraktion still below the ground hmm


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8 hours ago, Rivendark said:

Some of them are in odd placed, just search for the name.

I've got them in my inventory but can't find them in foundry (using search oc)

8 hours ago, Kye_Duo said:

aren't they straight parts and you have to go to roky to craft the thing?

They're bp's you need to build

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1 hour ago, SuperFuret said:

Am I the only one unable to throw Glaives/ Wolf sledge at all ? The heavy attack isn't working on those, both with mouse and controller. (Heavy slam attack does work tho). 

For heavy attacks, you have to hd down the melee button.

By testing you can also que up the throws whilst the wolf sledge is still airborne, exploding many unfortunate fools along the way.


Most fun I had in years.

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Khora's whipclaw change is actually a very impactful and aggressive one. The seeming harshness of the line of sight requirement makes khora feel inconsistent and unrewarding to play.


A simple in explanation, though perhaps not in application and coding, fix that would be a happy middle ground would be something like a path of travel check. If there is a path that the shock wave could take around corners to reach the target then they you have a hit. This would still prevent hits through walls because there would be no unobstructed path for the shockwave to travel.

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I noticed Volt proto skin got super flat since the update. Is this intended or is it some weird bug ?



how it looks now




Il y a 3 heures, ConsumerJTC a dit :

For heavy attacks, you have to hd down the melee button.

It's a bit more tricky on controller but that's a only matter of getting use to it. Thanks !  

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Just wanted to say Thank You DE for the change made to Ash. As little of a change that is, it's a huge impact on Ash's gameplay. The state of mind playing Ash is no more of a burden trying to get all enemies by swiping back and forth, instead you mark towards incoming or groups of enemies, send Clones and you are able to focus on other things without worrying to get more enemies to mark. (at least until the Clones done killing.)

Thanks again. :thumbup::clap:

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