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Deimos Arcana update quick takes

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First, to all the "take a break" comments, that seems to be the go-to message when there's a broadly critical comment. I've played several games with much less content, with themes I have zero interest for outside that game, and for much longer stretches without breaks. Hell, if the game wasn't the undeniably buggy mess it is now, I might be able to look past some of my gripes.

The broader problem is that they keep adding "content" without fixes GLARING issues or tying any of the existing content together, which reeks of trying to push "player engagement" over player experience. Instead of holding on to players, they appear to opt for quantity - mediocre additions that require repetitive, non-skill-based, time-locked rewards. So, when something isn't fun for a player, the player knows it won't be fun for a loooong time. If, on top of that, the rewards aren't compelling, then there's no reason to play. Were people asking for a new Cernos? Was this one's unique ability something that couldn't be added with an Augment to one of the other Cernoseseses? Of course, that would mean people not logging in to build and level the new weapon.

Also, those added systems compound the existing problems, pull resources from fixing existing problems, and add a layer of new problems. That's probably a big reason for all the "content islands" - the foundation is so unstable and riddled with band-aids that even things as simple as doorways need special attention on a case-by-case basis.

And then there's the solo-multiplayer aspect. The Iso Vaults are best done with a team (IMO), but community management and networking performance are sub-par, at best. I have a pretty long friends list, but no idea how I know the people on it (no categories or tags/nicknames). I'm in a clan, but there's rarely anyone looking to run those bounties. There's LFG chat, which is manageable, but usually a mixed bag. Overshadowing all of that is the significant chance that all effort will get thrown out the window from a host migration or host-client related bug. Has anyone ever joined a single excavation or interception pub group where one of the players didn't have some type of basic UI bug (like not seeing excavator health/progress or showing the correct color for all capture points)?

As for necramechs - I don't get it. Everything about them runs counter to the core of the game. Slow, low-variability gameplay with a reduced set of weapons and abilities. It's like K-Drives in that there's something cool about the general idea, but in practice they're a poor choice in almost every gameplay scenario.

The family story beats will also never jive with me. There's a questline in The Witcher 3 that tackles family strife following a lost pregnancy. It's incredibly powerful and sticks with me to this day. The Deimos family drama feels like DE tried to reach for that Shakespearean level of serious, life-altering vulnerability, but ended in daytime soap opera territory. Giving each other names? Who the flip cares? The names matter so little that the fast travel menu doesn't even use them.

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Only speaking for myself. This is the first update to Warframe since I have been playing (mid 2018) that offers absolutely nothing to pull me back in. I hope it entertains most Warframe fans. I know it's rough to get things done these days so I don't want to come off as too harsh.

The sad truth is I just don't care about new power creep weapon x (only to be nerfed into oblivion to make room for the next wave of mastery fodder) or the mechs that have zero reason to exist.

I do think it's nice they repaired some old frames and gave glaives a pass. It's just not enough to pull me back in.

For me the peak was the Second Dream.  What is with this cringey family therapy plot?...Ugh.... Is Deimos supposed to be some exploration of us being stuck at home with our families while fighting off Covid? 

I guess I am in the minority. All good. Other games out there.

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On 2020-11-19 at 6:35 PM, Neurohax said:

Popped in for a little over an hour, and from a completionist's perspective, this ain't it, cap'n.

- More vault bounties... don't care. Those were a chore and I'm not grinding those again.
- Infested kitguns... oh look scintillant. Nope. Never touching. That kills the new arcanes, too.
- New Necramech... don't care. My voidrig is the only thing that hasn't been maxed because necramechs are so incredibly boring. I have zero idea why these were added - they contribute nothing and the aesthetic is bizarrely disjointed from the rest of the game.
- (Apparently unintentional) Bonewidow weapon pod requires 45 Tinks? That's my kind of grind! 45 minutes later... got 55 Tinks... oh BASIC quality only? I have.... 8. Nope. Never happening.
- First thing I did when entering the Cambian Drift was head to the first pylon, hit it, aaaaand enemies don't spawn. gg
- More family drama... how did this entire concept get past QA? No one wants to play a grindy game where the only speaking lines are family counseling cliches, and I'd argue there are probably a not insignificant number of people that get triggered by the situation. Hey wanna have a discussion about my personal regrets regarding a traumatic family event? Too bad. I'm gonna throw 2-3 sentences about it at you every time you talk to me, and you'll be doing that a lot, since these tokens are artificially time-locked. Every interaction with them makes me cringe, even DaughteR34.

None of this seems remotely interesting. Every new weapon could just be an augment for an existing one, but then there wouldn't be a soul-crushing grind. There's a bugfix list a mile long, yet no mention of the falling through the world problems or railjack game breakers.

For reference, here's my mindset - 2k hours and been trying to collect one of everything, including mods at every level of upgrade. I'm down for some mundane grinding (hey, it's a nice stress reliever) to the point where I'm 3 Heavy Calibers from having all corrupted mods at all levels. I exempted the isolation vault bounty necramech mods from this personal quest because they were obnoxiously rare and the vault felt overwhelmingly unrewarding. I don't need to have everything right away - I unlocked all of Helminth without using a ton of resources and never rush foundry builds.

Be patient! DE said they are looking into it and I know they've been busy with other stuff. But just wait! 

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