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Unlink Operator Face and Body/Armor Gender


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Several operator armor sets look extremely different depending on whether they're placed on male or female operators. You can already choose male or female voices independent of any other choice, but right now the body shape and consequently the armor variant you get is linked to whether you choose a male or a female primary face.

I've had a female operator for years now, and I was extremely excited for the Bishamo armor (I've been hoping for it for years!), but I really prefer the male armor variant (the one you see in the icon preview before buying and building it - which makes this sting all the more). But I can't select it unless I change my operator's face! This is a character I've grown attached to, and that kind of sucks!

Can we please get a separate toggle for male/female body instead of having it tied to the face? Let us select the body shape (which determines the male/female armor variant) and the face separately.

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