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Finish Adding Secondary Emissive/Energy Colors


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Secondary color options are missing for:

  • Engine color on the Landing Craft Appearance (the Railjack has a Secondary Engine color - why doesn't the landing craft?)
  • Detail Lighting on the Orbiter Appearance and Railjack Interior Appearance (this is especially egregious on the Railjack - I can set dual colors for the exterior glowy stuff, but not the interior?)

A lot of people like to use a unified color scheme, and it is very frustrating that we can't make the most visible, glowing color the same across these things because they don't support secondary colors, especially because it seems pretty inconsistent where the secondary color options are missing!

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I couldn't agree more :]

For one thing, those hologram displays within the Railjack would look very good with a second color (Perhaps the first color would be the overall background, and the second color would be the hologram display border & visual text lines, etc.)! There are some other things that need that extra color too, off the top of my head:


(At least before Deimos Arcana, I didn't see the following addressed in the update notes though).

Necramechs are missing a second energy color (Even after giving it a forma; I made a thread including that bug before), and a long time ago I heard custom built K-Drives are missing a second energy color as well. I'm working on getting every part for them still, so I'm not sure if they're originally meant to get the 2nd color after a forma, getting gilded, or both. Although the fact that it's missing is strange to me regardless.

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Small bump, because I'm looking over some things Railjack / Empyrean-related for a post I'm working on, for the feedback thread for [DE]Scott.

  • Thankfully K-Drives / Necramechs do now have secondary Energy colors (Although in the center of the board, K-Drives seem to have an orange trail matching the original Bondi-K-Drive for some reason, but that's more suited for a K-Dirve bug report), so that's some progress there.


As a matter of fact, I'd like to add in secondary colors for the Orbiter as well, since there's only so many color options between that and the Landing craft. That, as well as secondary interior energy colors for the Railjack would be a nice addition to throw in for Update 30, if possible!

  • One last thing; Maybe have a drop-shadow color for the outside text of the Railjack name, where the main text / shadow use the primary / secondary energy colors?
    • Alternateively, perhaps the secondary energy color could serve as an outline of the text lettering :)
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