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Foundry UI image scaling bug


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Update 29.5 seems to have introduced some bugs in the horizontal scaling of icons in the foundry.

This first image shows scaling issues on the icons for the focus lenses used in making the greater lenses. The icons appear elongated and oblong instead of circular.


The second screenshot shows icons for some foundry products being compressed horizontally. The Mesa part icons are compressed, while the Mirage part icons are not.


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I noticed this last night as well. It only happens in the misc category and it is inconsistent. If I choose and then scroll down, things might be fine all the way to the bottom. Then if I scroll back up, some random things will be squished. Then back down again and some will be fixed and some others will now be squished. Going up and down like this tends to produces varying results. Not sure if it is related to viewing a specific item or not. The Zymos barrel and half of the antitoxins seem to do it the most in my list. The power core BP seems fairly common as well.

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