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Randomly forced to re-listen to every tier of dialogue of every NPC in every open world town


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Not sure if it's something that's triggered by updates, but I can tell you right now it's triggering me

Whenever it occurs, every single NPC resets to some form or another. When I talk to each of them, they give me the dialogue of when I first meet them. If I exit and talk to them again (either immediately, after quitting/restarting, doesn't matter), I get the next 'tier' of dialogue. By 'tier' I mean whatever line of dialogue they have once a quest was complete or a new standing rank was gained. It happens one after another until every special dialogue has been completed, by which I can just interact with them normally.

I know it's a trivial bug, but when you're trying to join players in an Orb hunt and get snagged by 3 minutes of unskippable dialogue, it can be a real let down.

Can we just make all of their dialogue skippable? As in, bug or no, I think skippable dialogue would be the best option, since it would benefit players who aren't interested in listening to annoying characters like Otak.

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Noticed this starting with fortuna, a long time ago... Maybe I should start reporting things that seem like obvious bugs... I mean this has to have been reported before though, right?

Dialogue reset after every update?

Been going on since the first update after fortuna.

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11 hours ago, Genitive said:

Had this problem with Fortuna and people with similar issue claimed it had to do with graphics drivers update.

I'd call that odd.

My PC runs Nvidia and my laptop runs AMD, and the issue persists between the two. To which I mean, if I talk to Konzu on the PC until all his post-quest dialogue is finished, I can swap to my laptop and there's no post-quest dialogue to wait through. Furthermore, I tested on an NPC I haven't talked to in ages (I forget her name, from Fortuna), I tested one line of dialogue on my Laptop and it was her initial meeting dialogue. When I swapped to my PC and talked to her again, it wasn't the first-meeting dialogue, it was her next line of quest-scripted dialogue.

I think it's something affecting the account, rather than the machine itself. I've had weird account glitches before where I've tested my account on a friend's PC, and he could get stealth kills on railjack missions in the Veil Proxima when on his account, but I couldn't get stealth kills when on my account (running same frame, same mod build, same gear etc).

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Yeah I'm experiencing this too. No changes to my hardware or software or drivers. 

Just updated for the new Arcana update and have been forced to relisten to every NPC on Deimos so far. 

I have had to listen to Son, Father, Loid, Grandmother and Mother, haven't tried Daughter or the other open worlds yet. 

I've wondered if it's possible to have account specific glitches as the above user suggested. As far as I can tell my pc is fine, but I've had intermittent crashing issues that only seem to be fixed by constantly reverifying and reoptimizing and getting rid of my ee files in my appdata and all my settings and starting again. Some updates break my game, some don't. I once copied my account to Switch, and once had a "friend" delete a bunch of my stuff and support had to restore, so I've wondered if my account itself has been messed up ever since. 

It's just bizarre, I want to test my account on other computers to test this theory after reading your above post, because I have been suspicious something is wrong with my account, but I have no way to be sure without trying on a different PC and seeing if I still get the same issues. 

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10 hours ago, Xarteros said:


I don't know. At the time I had this issue with Fortuna I had indeed updated my drivers. When I googled for an answer I saw people saying this might be caused by the graphics drivers. Maybe there is some weird interaction between the game and installed drivers. Someone on Reddit claimed that some info about your account is client stored.

I linked my sources in a thread I created some time ago.


After I updated the game to Deimos Arcana I encounter the issue when some dialogue resets. It doesn't seem to be connected to the graphics drivers, but maybe they have a similar cause.

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