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Hunting needs a little help... still...


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I'm getting sick of not seeing the animals, you force us to hunt on deaimos just to guild the new pets, but the trails are hard to follow(at least some animals have smaller poops along the way so that's at least followable) but then we have the cat's the flying things and the new whatevers that don't attack us on sight and there's one big problem...
Son tells me that they are coming get the tranq ready, I aim so they should just glow to see them except that I'm slowly turning around and around and see absolutely nothing he tells me that there it is shoot it, except there's nothing... and then he proceeds to mock me because it got away while I haven't even saw it...
And then the bird creatures... I  shoot it, it falls and... I have no idea where it is... the tranq doesn't see it, simaris' scanner doesn't see it and I can't collect it... especially now since multiple comes not just one so I can't clearly follow where they fall...

Either the tranq needs a widget(like simaris' scanner) to mark the creatures on the map after they come out or simply making this feature permanent.

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you force us to hunt on deaimos just to guild the new pets

Not really, you can just build, level and release ungilded pets; they give 10 tokens each, so 6 releases and you have enough to gild one of each type. Also, if you just fly around the edges of the map you can get most of the critters without going to call points.

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In Orb Vallis all of the animals would show up as enemies on your radar......but then they broke it..   Diemos animals never showed except the cats/dogs already fighting.  

The tranq rifle beeps when you have an animal in proximity.  In the real world audio clues make sense, you can hear which direction noises come from....  In a video game for the vast majority of people audio clues are meaningless and do not convey a sense of direction.   The tranq Rifle should have VISUAL indicators.   

The drill tools for mining have a really awesome function for finding node spots.  They have a simple range finder.   Just by telling us if we are moving closer or farther away that easily lets us get a sense of direction.  Before they added those white diamond highlights to mining nodes the range finder was my best method of finding ore and still pretty much is.   

If the tranq gun had a range finder to the animals that would be SO HELPFUL.   The tranq gun has crosshairs though and to the left and right there is two huge < > symbols that blink constantly.  Imagine if those actually functioned and told you which direction to turn to face the animal.  When both are lit up the animal is in front of your.  


I love organic hunting.  Not using call spots.   Just running around with your tranq rifle listening for beeps or looking for the highlights.  

I think they could combine callspots and organic hunting though.  

#1. Animal markers should be random on maps not in specific spots...  

#2.  An animal marker that shows poops should be changed.  Animal marker should be a BLANK animal turf.  Using an Echolure + pheromones at those sites will let you spawn any animal you want.  The animal will spawn randomly anywhere around you within 100m with no trails.  You just have to use your tranq gun to track it down.   (This is mainly to preserve echolures/pheromones).


I really love just pure organic hunting.   I wish OV had critters running around like PoE/Deimos.   I just want the tranq rifle to have a range finder like mining tools or visual indicators to tell me to turn left/right to find animals.   I'd really really love a long range sniper tranq rifle lol.  


A cool thing probably no one saw/understood in Arcana update.....   Changing the affinity range in open worldsto 250 for mechs.....

Im pretty sure you have to be within affinity range to share tags.   (50m was old default).  So hunting should be ALOT easier to do with a buddy.   Affinity Range brings up fights about AFK but man it would be nice for animal tags to be shared map wide.  

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