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Necramech mod drop chance


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Unless I've missed it in the patch notes, they didn't buff the OG horrifingly grindy necramech mod drop rates from the iso vault, right? (you know, thrusters/seismic wave/streamline)
If I'm not mistaken, they were supposed to buff them with Deimos Arcana to ease the grind and here we are, DA update hit and we're still left with the depression inducing drop rates for these mods, do I really get this right? Please tell me I'm not right and that I've missed something, otherwise there's no bloody reaason for me to come back, DE is not fooling me again.
Also I assume there might be more necramechs per bounty with the new update but it still doesn't solve the issue - since there may be more necramechs in there (or may not), the bounties are also most likely longer so the grind stays basically the same.
Anyways, can someone confirm/deny the issue is still present?


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the new Bounty type, 'Arcana Isolation'.... has most of Mods with fairly high Chances.

not all of them yes, but well, having some things with low Chances means that you'll have a reason to play the original piece of content for more than a day. so.

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