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Khora nerf and also steel path stuff


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Okay why the Hell was steel nerfed in that way i have No idea what was their problem i was farming steel essance on odin normalny without using macros and yet i cant do it now because some idiot was using macros. I mean, wth its not my fault he was doing that. 
For the khora nerf just because she was good on steel path she got nerfed it was the same with that stupid limbo nerf and the healing dash for the Arcane event (cant remember the name) its bull crap. Why not nerf saryn for her amazing dmg why not nerf inaros for his amazing survivability, why not nerf vauban for his good cc ? You just had to nerf khora because she was good on steel path (which is useles rn cuz de decided to nerf steel essence without a good reason)

sorry for the grama errors 

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