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Optional Hosting


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I've been playing Warframe for several months now and one of the most prominent issues I've come across, is Tenno with poor internet connections, which makes everyone's gameplay a little less enjoyable. It's not logical for Tenno to assume everyone has a great internet connection all the time. In fact, I've come across many Tenno that KNEW their connection was poor but could do nothing about it. Some Tenno have even said that they will leave a game if they know they are the host, just to make everyone else's mission more enjoyable.


What I propose, is a new menu option.  This menu option will give Tenno the option to disable the ability to host. Maybe set it as options of:


-Always Host

-Never Host

-Host only if all other Tenno cannot



These options could use some help. The handshake process between clients might needs some tweaking, but it's completely possible to set this in motion, and I think it would greatly increase everyone's playtime.


Another option that is possible, but would require far more programming, would be for clients to handshake between each other and let THEM decide the host, based on least amount of hops or lowest ping time between each other, or some other factor. 





Summary - Lag sucks, please make it so people who know their internet sucks don't have to host.

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My connexion sucks, creating really bad hosting, got use to play with lag, but don't really want to impose them to other.

Got limited data transfert and hosting take so much data...


So I approve this message, over nine thousand!



It's sure that if half the player stop bad host perhaps it will be harder to found a game, but, there's some solution.


- Check the ping of  a lobby to found the better host

- an easy way to block/activate hosting ability.

- Add a tab menu that show how is hosting and ping from eveyone to this host

- perhaps add a vote for how will host during the lobby, with the ping tab.


Please do something, we're still on beta, why don't try to found a nice matchmaking?

Actually, more than 50% of the total game launch are not in really good network condition, sad...

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I know for a fact mine is pretty good (I've actually been complimented on it several times \o/).

I've already lowered my max ping to 100 to ensure about 70% of hosting but sometimes I still manage to get into a laggy game.

So yea +9001

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Greetings fellow Tenno;



I've pondered about this topic for a while as well. Though the best solution is still DE getting dedicated servers, we make do with what we have.


-Firstly: the ping limit most of the time doesn't really work imho. As its still based on the users isp and how they currently use the bandwidth (ie. other family members might be streaming or what not)


-Next problem is that during an online mission - it gets a bit irritating to start if you don't have a squad to begin with:


If you had a squad, it means that the ppl you are with can first and foremost connect to you, the host, and are more or less your friends or online friends who usually not have an issue with you hosting.

If you did not have a squad and selected an online mission - the game by default either


1. Waits for other ppl on the same queue to form a squad before starting.

2. Immediately lets you join an ongoing online game with slots available.


-my slight irritation comes with the second thing where it goes into a loop:


a. the option to click play now cannot be clicked immediately as the game goes through #1 and #2 first before giving you an option to start/host your own game - which is fine if #1 and #2 worked as intended. else:

b. the game which is limited by user isp tries to match you with #2 and results into either


I. quickly going to a load screen and makes #2 work

II. make you wait for a bit where there "play now" button still hasn't shown up and lets the game try to connect to a host


- the play now button may appear yet be seemingly unclickable while the screen tries to enter a loading state (screen goes black trying to transition to loadscreen but goes back into the lobby menu then repeats until.

- the result show either: session unavailable, ping too high, or disconnected from the host


-which THEN brings you back to the solar map and let you go through the process all over again until you successfully connect to someone, or the play now appears and you can click it and start. 


So. Given that multiplayer depends on player connectivity - the main issue lies in the isp, player setup (hardware), it would be great to have an optimized ping system because even with region "limitations" there can still be issues with certain isps. 

so +1 to OP


my suggestion though is similar yet is more on the players to decide.

- it would be really great if you have the option to select if you either want to HOST a game, or JOIN a game rather than #1 and #2.(not saying that it doesn't work) due to the restrictions that other players have (less than 10%) in terms of primarily strict NAT and upnp issues. 




Case and point based on experience, I have a strict NAT with a dl speed of 6Mbps and upload of 1Mbps.

Theoretically not that good for hosting games as you need a lot of uplaod speed afaik. but what happens is, i find it a bit troublesome to start certain games because even if I have the option to play SOLO, hey, we need all the help we can right? and who knows I might be helping the other guy out as well :D 


and if ever I've successfully joined a game, its usually laggy for me, and even if I ask the squad, the other members or even the host confirms that its laggy for them and they know that they cant host that well (respectively). 


on my part, whenever I succesfully host a game that the players can join me (either through invite or #1 / #2) 

I always ask them if I am a laggy host to them. bragging or not, most of them say I am a good host or in terms of lag - am a better host compared to what they're used to joining. -this usually ends up in me adding such persons in order to get a better overall experience.



given such, on my part I'd much rather host most of the games than join. 

(again besides the fact that ppl on the other side of the globe seems to be able to connect to me and seem fine compared to my irl friends who live close by who can't even join my game due to strict nat or lag via isp restrictions[competition])



this imho gives the players who know that they can host fine to a point - an option to always host and in return also help other players out who can't host. not sure of the further implications to this but hoping this is one step forward to making squad sessions better viable to the people on the lower spectrum of internet connectivity until DE finally gets servers :D




-even good internet can be bad if the isp routes are hacked by the Grineer

-at least give the options to the seemingly reliable host to just host the games and no be stuck in a loop (case for #1 and #2)

-work together so that WARFRAME and DE develop better and finally work toward getting servers :D 

-for everyone to have better avenues further the Tenno cause and get those squads optimized.


PS. GAWD my editing skills are awful. sorry if its messed up. would appreciate if someone else could edit T.T

-hopefully its a bit better now.

-and ohh, though the topic suggests an addition to th UI, I think this would be better under General Discussion? (not sure on this one)


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I agree with most of what Zenstrouv has said.


When I made this post, I made the assumption that DE will/would not be purchasing servers for centralized hosting as that would be a HUGE chunk of money that they would have to continually dish out to buy and maintain. I find it more logical to assume that DE intends to continue down the path of peer hosting, which is fine, so long as they make some additions to the client that allow a little more manipulation of how we are currently hosting/joining games. 

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This. I have a whole bunch of void keys, and would like to be able to use them without dealing with complaints over lag.


would love a workaround for that as well, as to the actual solution, it would be a bit complicated imho. cause even if during lobby you can 'elect' a host. it all goes back to isp.



scenario for me before with some clanmates:


wanted to do vault runs.

person#1: could host everyone with no lag but has no keys

person#2: could host everyone, has keys - but is a bit laggy for the other 3.

person#3: has keys and no lag when hosting but person #4 cant seem to connect to him

person#4: has keys and no lag when hosting but person #3 cant seem to connect to him


end result, we ran with person#2 as host for that night. got the job done but couldve had faster/more runs and fun in total if there was a solution.

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This. I have a whole bunch of void keys, and would like to be able to use them without dealing with complaints over lag.



They're actually already working on this. They mentioned in the last couch session that they were trying to create a work around so that non-host players could use their keys, however like Zen said, that is a different problem than the one brought forward here. I'd love to see someone from DE say something here.

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