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Information about the new iso vaults (DO NOT THEM CURRENTLY)

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-The new iso vault missions unlock at the mother in the cambion drift, not startable from the necralislk, after you've completed that field mother's iso vault.

-This means to complete the new iso vault bounties, you have to complete all 6 BOUNTIES IN ONE RUN with only half of those offering a slim chance at the weapon parts 🤦‍♀️

-Doing this took our group, a party of experienced players 2 1/2 hours due to the sheer amount of mobile defense and forced waiting in the encounters, though I'm sure we can cut this down since its still day one.

-On top of this:

The new iso vaults are bugged and don't recognize the increase in tier and therefore rewards

So basically we just wasted that time, encountering crashes and starting prompt bugs for t1 rewards (the arcanes of which are objectively nonviable compared to the pax arcanes), so to spare you the trouble: 

TL;DR Wait for the hotfix 

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5 hours ago, TheSixteenth said:

I was told that there is only 1 mother out of all the mothers that increase the tier of the vault and you have to go check them one by one until the right tier shows up, as each mother offers different bounties.

Haven't done them myself though.

This may be the case, but I'm not risking 3 hours of work and loot to find out quite yet ;_;

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