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Blending Talons new garuda augmunt


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Augment is nice and definitely useful but at current let's see what you build for, you need 140% strength for her 4, you need survivability mods as she is not a tanky and now you need a high amount of range aswel, you can't let go of duration either as that directly affects her kit! not to mention can't drop Flow from the build either since her 3 functions based on max energy! not saying that it's bad but i really think this augment should be how the DEFAULT garuda 4 works, at the very minimum we should remove the 2nd part about combo stuff and then make it exilus slot cause garuda builds don't have spots for such stuff! it is very limiting and i really don't like the design behind it, keep releasing the frame with obvious flaws that people find within a weeks if not days and then create band aids in the form of augments!

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