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Bonewidow is a mess right now. 

The 1 will not work if you have the shield up, which you will 99% of the time, so its useless even as a gimick.

The 2 is a very bad shield. It covers basically nothing and has very low health (Voidrig's 2 can have 5k health easy, more if you plan it right). Pretty much all attacks go right through it.

The 3 is garbage. 'nuff said.

The 4, as you said, doesn't work. Even if it did, Ironbride has stats worse than the default Veritux! The first archmelee you get in the game. But not only that; it drains energy. So not only is it a sub-par archmelee, but it costs energy and does not offer any bonuses that other exalteds have (like Excal's projectiles).

Oh yeah and welcome back to the affinity bugs. Migrate or respawn your Bonewidow and reset all gained affinity for free.

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I still have yet to use the bonewidow's 4th ability, the iron bride.  Is this blade still not yet returned from her honeymoon?  I can impale enemies, shield the lower half of my mech and i havent even tried the 3rd ability...what I was really hoping for when i built this mech was to use archmelee weapons in open world warframe.  Sadly only to find that I am limited to one archmelee that appears to be made of air...and cannot be wielded.....at all.......prompts me only to be ever so more enthusiastic about the expedient and thorough fix that is to come in the very near future.  Thank you DE.  We know you all are doing the best you can and im sure this problem will be fixed shortly.  

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