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Do you absolutely have to farm and max out your kuva weapons to get to MR30




That is A LOT of Forma. Assuming you don't want or cannot buy the needed Forma it would take you months (apx. 65 Days) to craft all the Forma needed to max them. That's not including the time it takes to farm for the kuva weapons, including but not limited to playing 'Parazon Roulette' with Larvlings to even get the correct RNG weapons needed for MASTERY, Defeating the Lich, Aquiring the Reqium Mods you may or may not have, ad continuum. 



Suppose you, like me, have a handful already. Is it possible to save the kuva weapons for last and only level them up as needed. With the updates coming to Deimos. Including the new Nechramech which offers another 6000 Affinity covering the would-be affinity gained from about 6 Kuva Weapons as of the time of this post. Along with any subsequent weapons added in the future making 3 more kuva weapons irrelevant for every new weapon added. That's 15 Forma saved per new weapon and at best 2 weeks of farming (14.4 days of crafting Forma) Saved. 



I haven't done the math, but I find it hard to imagine that as of the current state of the progression system, and this post, That getting to MR30 Requires this kind of masachism. If maxing all the kuva weapons lands you at MR30 On The Dot... Then any further additions to the arsenal would negate 3 Kuva Weapons and lessen that grind and by extension, how "Necessary" it is to waste time and Forma. 


Did I miss anything? Am I understanding the situation correctly? Naturally I want to do this as effeciently as possible but the Time to Reward Ratio doesn't pan out for me to want to waste months of time and Forma for a shiny badge and some flexing power. 



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1 minute ago, (PSN)KhaosWolf94 said:

Thank you GOD... 


I'll hang around to see if anyone has anyone to add to the discussion. 

Yeah. MR30 got hit in the last update by a tiny margin - as in if you weren't a founder you had to have every bit of MR, including Kuva weapons rank 40. So every bit of MR from this point onward is more wiggle room.

And/or progress to legendary rank 1.

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Before the Arcana update, you needed every last drop from Kuva weapon (also Paracesis) post-30 ranks to hit MR30 if you didn't have any Founder gear.

Arcana added, I believe, 43,000 more Mastery rating?


So no, you don't need any Forma stretch-ranks at all any more to hit MR30. Though we're still yet to see whether there is anything shiny about the post-MR30 ranks to make it worth staying on the bleeding edge still.

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Mr 30 doesn't require you to be a founder as the 12k xp from founder items is actually discounted in the mastery rank calculation we are all on equal footing for mastery. At present you need every item mastered to get mr30. So yes 5 formas on kuva weapons for the maximum mastery xp also, all steel path unlocked all 4 intrinsics to r10. 

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