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Accolytes should spawn upon completing the mission objective.


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Disclaimer: I actually like the change to SE farm since before It was something I never bothered to do, the new way to me is actually something I will do and is therfore to me a 100% buff for my SE farming (though I appreciate for those who could be bothered to farm it before its a nerf).


I think the idea of making it more enguaging and less of an afk snoozefest is great, but there needs to be another change to fully realise that intention, currently beating a missions objective involves a long amount of waiting afterwards depending on the type of mission taking. For example a capture mission can be done it under a minuite, so if it takes the accolyte until minuite 8 to spawn (which I saw in rescue, which can be done in like 2:30 minuites) then you are still spending a lot of time afk waiting around which defeats the purpose of the change to farm.


This can be easily fixed by simply making the Accolyte spawn upon completing the objective or within the next 30 seconds therafter, though I think UPON completion would be better personally as all players would have a higher chance of being together in one spot and the other way the accolyte could have the chance to spawn on a single player far from the group. Endless missions you could do every x amount of drills, round completed, waves killed, minuites survived... Say every 5 mins in survival, every round in disruption, every 5 waves in defence etc.


This last part is seperate from these core changes and just a little fun Idea I had, is if you do all the accolyes in an endless so none are left (so if one spawns and is beaten it counts it out the pool) then the next one to spawn will be that rare one that wasent seen since the event, and he could drop a doubled amount of SE with a riven sliver or something like that, the drop droesn't rly matter, just a way for us Scanners to fill out more of the codex :3 and obviously once they are taken down reset the pool so others can spawn.


Those are my ideas, thanks for the updates! :)

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