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Deimos ISO Bounty Feedback


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I feel like the main problem with the way Iso vaults are done now is that will all the new secondary bounties, it takes to long to just to be able to get to do what you want to do. The issue is that you have to go through each of the Iso vaults in one session just to be able to go farm the bounty that you actually want to farm. If you want to go farm sporothix parts, you have to go do Iso vaults 1,2 and 3 which can easily take half an hour at least assuming you aren't opening the vaults and doing the first two vaults respective side bounties. and only then can you start to do the bounty that you wanted to farm. I feel like each Iso vault should just be its own separate entity that can be done without having to do other vaults prior to it. Just designate each of the three Iso vaults as a specific difficulty, like say the vault in the middle of the map is the T1 vault, the vault on the right of the map is the T2 vault and the one on the left of the map is the T3 vault. Then just have mother offer up each vault bounty at the start. That way if people want to farm the secondary bounties from the T3 vault they can just select the T3 vault bounty, clear it out and then start doing that secondary bounty. 

Also since I'm talking about the vaults when Loid is opening up the vaults, once he activates the 4th generator, can we just go back and open the door and not have to wait for him to go back. While the speed increase was a nice and welcomed change, the fact that most vaults now have two vault rooms for him to wander through makes the time take about the same if not more. 
Theoretically speaking once the generators are on Loid does say that door is ready for us, so there should be no need to wait for him to get back.

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