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Nightwave counter stuck


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Hi folks,

Support sent me here, via automated email, to post my problem with Nightwave.

The counter is stuck at 4970/10,000 since yesterday (Nov. 19th). I lost progress of at least 2 acts, 4500 (Venus Bounty Hunter) and 1000 (Full Hands).

The bug might have happened in a failed switch of hosts in the Orb Vallis, just as i finished Venus Bounty Hunter. Both acts appear to be completed, but did not offer any points. Neither do the kills from glassed enemies.

I have no clue how to reproduce this bug and how exactly it happened, but my best guess is that failed switch of the host in Orb Vallis. The completion of Full Hands a few hours later went normally in the mission, but when i checked the Nightwave page in the orbiter, the counter was still at 4970.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? A short search did not offer anything.

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