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LoS Restrictions Have Been a Problem Since 2015

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3 hours ago, Berzerkules said:


I find myself spamming even more now because after ~800h on Khora I had gotten pretty use to her mechanics and now it's totally different. 

I became a pretty good judge on in game distances. I always chose very specific locations to cast Strangledome so I could get enemies stuck behind walls or on geometry in specific locations. I knew how far away I had to be and where to aim when I cast Whipclaw so that I could use the the blast radius to hit enemies behind walls or in another room. It took a lot of practice, learning tiles, knowing the range and duration of your abilities and quickly judging distances. 

Everyone thinks Khora is a brain dead campy frame. She can be played like that, but that's not how I played, I was always active. I could set dome and create chokepoints and leave them to group enemies. Meanwhile, I could move to another dome I had previously set, kill the enemies there and set a new dome before I went back to the other dome. With well placed domes I could cc huge areas and always be on the move killing things. I enjoyed a fast paced glass cannon cc frame. It was high risk high rewards

Now if I play her like I learned it's just a fail. I'll whip and totally miss. I have to go through doorways and whip enemies stuck on the other side of a wall. Before I could kill those enemies for 20m+ away. I waste 50m going there and back. Sometimes whip just fails on enemies still stuck in dome and you have to wait for dome duration to expire. I waste energy and time whipping because LOS detection is totally scuffed. 

It's not enjoyable anymore. It's not the frame I played for 800 hours. I'd rather DE reduce her damage or something if they felt she was too powerful. IMO LOS or Khora is not the problem melee is. 

A couple months ago I forgot to take an extinguished dragon key off after unveiling a riven. I was running a SP survival on Nyx testing a build and ended up taking it to max lvl doing -75% damage. I didn't notice a difference. Melee is that strong, even though I was doing -75% damage I was still walking through max lvl SP enemies with a Nami Skyla Prime. 

Sorry I didn't mean to rant. DE just killed my most played frame and I'm a little pissed.

A lot of people will hate this, but to balance melee devs either add stamina or reduce the damage drastically. Melee i'ts just too broken.

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