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Deimos Leaper Codex Scans



Deimos Arcana update added the Deimos Leaper (NOT the Deimos Leaping Thrasher) enemy entry in the codex. I checked my codex before doing anything Deimos related, had 1/30 scans. I spent 3 hours with Helios equipped on Cambion Drift completing bounties, overground, underground, capturing animals, fishing, etc. and came back without getting any scans.

Given the plentiful spawn rate of common leapers I was expecting a somewhat easy time gathering scans. Am I missing something or do they have specific spawn requirements?

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50 minutes ago, Thural said:

They WERE in the isolation vaults, but were removed when the mission targets were changed from leapers to enemies that didn't kill themselves.

So to spell it out, presently there's no known place for their spawn? Bummer. Wish I'd taken Helios more often to the vaults. Thanks.

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