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So I've been playing alot of Hades (Warframe Concept)


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I have been playing a lot of the roguelike Hades recently, and had a thought of a crossover Warframe that will never happen, but was fun thinking about. I decided to add that here. People familiar with Hades will see where I have drawn inspiration, but for anyone else, just know that a lot of the build is designed around how Hades is played.

Note: Theresa bit of complexity here, so I have used spoiler tags to keep things clean. Best to read Passive and first ability before looking into spoiler tags if not familiar with the Hades game.


Frame Name: Zagreus, God of Bonds.


Passive, Favour of the Gods:


Zagreus is able to call on help from his gods, granting him the powers of one of the deity’s. Having the blessing of a god provides him with unique modifiers to his 2nd, 3rd and 4th abilities, as well as a unique passive. These blessings are replaced with the new gods ones each time his one is used, with the exception of Daedalus and Hermes boons (note, these two buffs last through nullifiers and even death until extraction).



Aphrodite: Damaging enemies gives a guaranteed Puncture proc.

Ares: Damaging enemies causes them to take a single hit of 200% weapon damage after 2 seconds. Does not stack during the 2 second delay.

Artemis: Increases all base crit chance by +5% and all base crit damage by 0.5x.

Athena: Enemies that deal damage to shields take 100% damage dealt.

Demeter: Damaging enemies gives a guaranteed cold proc.

Dionysus: Damaging enemies gives a guaranteed toxin proc.

Poseidon: Damaging enemies gives a guaranteed Impact proc.

Zeus: Damaging enemies gives a guaranteed Electric proc.


Hermes: Gain +20% movement speed and Parkour Velocity.

Daedalus: +100% passive bonuses.


Ability 1 (energy cost 25): God Boon


Zagreus requests the aid of the gods, gaining a random boon from one of the gods that effects his abilities and passive.

Allies in a radius gain his passive (excluding Hermes or Daedalus) for 30s.

Should he gain a Hermes or Daedalus boon, instead of gaining a full set of enhancements, a single ability or passive is given a random permanent buff, which last until extraction. The next cast of this ability after gaining a Hermes or Daedalus boon is free. No boon can be generated twice in a row.

Casting this ability cancels any currently active abilities.

(Note: This is imagined as an icon above each ability, the first representing the passive. Permanent buffs also show here).

Strength effects: chance of Hermes or Daedalus boons occurring. Range Effects: Radius of passive gifting to allies. Duration Effects: Duration of passive gift to allies.




Ability 2 (energy Cost 50): Cast


Zagreus fires a blood red bolt forwards, with slight enemy tracking. Enemies hit suffer damage scaled to level (around 20-30% health). Any enemy hit takes +50% damage for 5 seconds. Can stack.

Strength effects: Damage of projectile. Range Effects: bolt travel range before despawning. Duration Effects: Duration of debuff.




Aphrodite: Instead of a bolt, fires a short range blast that applies passive.

Ares: Instead of a bolt, fires spinning flat circular projectile that moves slowly. Deals 50% damage every 0.5 second in its AoE. Lasts 3 seconds. Doesn’t apply damage debuff.

Artemis: Bolt moves faster and homes better. Has a 70% chance to crit, and deals 5x crit damage.

Athena: Projectile has a slightly slower speed, larger AoE, and reflects all enemy damage back at the dealer.

Demeter: Instead of a bolt, places a stationary crystal that fires a beam at nearby enemies and applies passive. Lasts 10 seconds (max 3). Doesn’t apply damage debuff.

Dionysus: On contact with an enemy, bolt deals AoE damage and creates a Large AoE cloud that blinds enemies. Lasts 5 seconds. (max 1). Doesn’t apply damage debuff.

Poseidon: Bolt knocks down enemies it hits, and opens them for finishers.

Zeus: Bolt chains to up to 2 additional targets.


Hermes: Fires an additional bolt at a separate enemy.

Daedalus: Enemies debuffed drop an energy orb on death.


Ability 3 (energy cost 75): Bombard


Zagreus fires a grenade that detonates after 0.5 seconds at the target location in a large AoE. Does double damage to enemies debuffed by cast.

Strength effects: damage of ability. Range Effects: Radius of blast. Duration Effects: -.





Aphrodite: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies for each enemy hit by the blast.

Ares: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies. Damage equal to ability damage x enemies hit.

Artemis: Has a 30% chance to crit and x8 crit damage.

Athena: Strips defences from enemies in AoE for 10 seconds. Restores ally shields for allies in AoE.

Demeter: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies for each enemy hit by the blast.

Dionysus: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies for each enemy hit by the blast.

Poseidon: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies for each enemy hit by the blast.

Zeus: Applies 1 stack of passive to all enemies for each enemy hit by the blast.


Hermes: Fires 3 grenades with 70% AoE in a spread.

Daedalus: Increases damage by 300%. Gains ‘friendly fire’ knockback if Zagreus is in AoE.


Ability 4 (energy cost 100): Call


With no active boon, it renders Zagreus invisible for 10 seconds. The effect of the ability otherwise depends on his current boon. 1 second cast animation.

Strength effects: damage of abilities / damage reduction of abilities / chance of additional procs if over 100%. Range Effects: Radius of passive gifting to allies. Duration Effects: Duration of abilites.




Aphrodite: Fires a single projectile that homes in on the nearest enemy. The enemy fights for you for 10 seconds, becoming invulnerable and gaining a damage multiplier equal to its level. After 10 seconds, or if the ability is recast (at 0 energy cost) it returns to normal.

Ares: Fires a spinning flat circular projectile that moves slowly and targets enemies. Deals damage every 0.5 second in its AoE. Lasts 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, or if the ability is recast it explodes, dealing its passive in x2 its AoE.

Artemis: Fires 10 arrows with strong homing ability. Each has a 10% chance to crit and x5 crit damage.

Athena: Gives Zagreus 70% damage reduction and status immunity for 50 seconds.

Demeter: Places a slowly expanding vortex at the target point. Enemies in this vortex take damage every second and suffer a cold proc. Lasts 30 seconds.

Dionysus: Nearby enemies are randomly afflicted with either a poison proc or a viral proc every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 20 seconds.

Poseidon: For the duration of the ability enemies within 1m of you take heavy damage and are knocked down. Lasts 20 seconds

Zeus: Enemies nearby are hit with a high damage bolt with a small AoE explosion every second. Lasts 10 seconds.


Hermes: Eliminates cast animation, reduces energy cost by 25 energy.

Daedalus: Increases duration of all abilities by 50%.

  Hope you enjoy my musings. Maybe we can reach out to Supergiant games and get a colab frame :D Doubt it though.


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