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did iso vaults to unlock new bounties...


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1 minute ago, Fl_3 said:

Same s**t, different day.

You have to play the same chain of missions over to unlock the bonus mission you actually want to play.

I'm surprised that there isn't a cash alternative to skip it to be honest.

Yeah cause you can usually buy the weps out right with platinum but having the stuff in a bounty is a really bad choice since i dont want to receive dupe rewards for something i already have crafted :/

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Hi there @Vaml77^^
A lot of other players seem to share your opinion, feel free to use the official Megathread to give your feedback about the new Bounties & Isolation Vaults! 

This is the best chance for players to make DE aware of the problem that the current way of accessing the new Isolation Vaults Bounties is too tedious. Always good to use a megathread :) 

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you can just kill the necramechs and leave (heck, the necramechs are the valuable thing to fight since necramech weapon parts are worth 300+ plat and they drop scintillant.


No you do not have to do the mobile defence escort that takes like 5-10 minutes while loid re-activates the 4 nodes.

That part is completely optional.

and all you miss out on is the 2-40 lucent teroglobes, argon crystals, void traces and biotic filter that let's face it, deimos has been out for months.... you probably don't need.


You can once you've extracted and gotten the rewards, constantly restart the bounty on the vault.

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