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Mire (and possibly other melee weapons) bugged


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I've encountered a bug that prevents you from attacking with Mire after using it a couple of time. Tested broken war as well but there seems to be no issue with that, pehaps other weapons are bugged too.

I know Mire is usually only used as a stat stick but this is still kinda sad

The bug wasnt around from monday till thursday, as i used it perfectly well during those days, but as of friday 20/11 it's bugged

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There has been a hotfix about the issue with melee weapons:


  • Fixed an issue with several one-handed Melee weapons not functioning (as an accidental result of the Glaive changes). Weapons included: most Machetes, Plasma Sword, Destreza and Destreza Prime, Sheev, and Scoliac.

However, the issue with Mire still persists for me

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