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Vayas Prime Operator accessories with Prime gaming.

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I have waited for around 2 days after trying to claim the Prime loot, on the site it shows that the items have been claimed, but yet to receive them in-game. I have also tried to unlink and link my account then log back into the game but still had no luck in getting the Prime loot. Please assist to check and rectify this issue. 

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22 hours ago, Fabpsi said:

Hi there @Refson^^
Try to relink your Twitch-Account with your Warframe-Account on your Account Management page!

Right there at the bottom "Click here to unlink". Afterwards you can relink your Twitch-Account there too.

This should solve the problem, so far it is the best trick out there :) Hope it helps!
(As a general tip for the future: It is always a good idea to use the search function before creating a new thread! Most of the times you will already find other threads who have the same topic/same problem. For example, there is already a thread with this exact topic out there. It even has a reply from a DE-staff - so feel free to check it out here ^^)


It works!

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3 minutes ago, GesuCritto said:

we are asking for DE intervention in the wrong section, write here ↓

↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   ↓


Someone posted a method, I just tried it and it works

(Unbind and Rebind your Twitch Prime Account)

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same here and i can't believe that's an error by so many players. unlinked my account, cleaned browser (cache / cookies / data), reinstalled twitch (cleaned all files before), relink account to twitch, used both ways again (warframe ingame and twitch). it says "claimed" , but there is nothing.. :(

haven't problems with twitch / prime loot in the last years, only with this last prime loot. so DE, pls take a look on "your" side :/

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il y a 1 minute, Tristan_GER a dit :

don't work for me, tryed this way 2 times, but still nothing in inbox. havn't problems with prime-loot / twitch the last years, only with this prime-loot :/

Try to do the process via the ingame market. worked after i tried everything else.  use the steam overlay or whatever browser it opens

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13 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

Refer to this topic!

If you continue having issues despite doing what's exposed there, I recommend posting there so DE can keep investigating.

I did send a message to DE, I've gotten no reply. I have also unlinked and relinked everything. Still nada.

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Update - I got the items.

I was logged into the game when I did the following- no idea if that is important or not.

  • Went to account management (via browser, not through in-game. No idea if that was important)
  • Unlinked Twitch in account management
  • Went to Twitch settings, Connections. Warframe was still linked at the Twitch end. Removed it.
  • Relinked Twitch in Warframe Account management
  • Refreshed Twitch settings, checked that Warframe was back in Connections. (It was)
  • Logged out of game
  • Logged back into game.

There was no in-game mail (There usually is, so that could be part of the bug) but the items were now available when I went to change my operator's appearance.

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Hi there tenno ^.^ 

CoreyOnline actually made a thread about it

you need to unlink and relink your account and it will not pop in inbox but straight in inventory ^.^ 

have fun ^.^ 

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