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Cobra & Crane appearance, animation and combo glitch.


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The main issue is the fact that you can not perform heavy attacks while on the ground and melee combos can not be executed on command. The combos do not perform as intended and will randomly apply a heavy attack. The air heavy is doable and the combos sometimes go well but there is an extra shield bash animation at the beginning for all the combos. Sometimes this shield bash animation is the only doable attack and all other animations are locked no matter the combo input. 

On the side of appearance, changing any color on the warframe will expand the shield for a millisecond. This also happens when moving cursor in an out of the color palette.

The appearance issue existed since before the Arcana patch but it's not game-breaking however not being to perform melee attacks on command with my favorite weapon is not a minor thing. I know it's a niche class of weapon but hopefully you'll fix it soon. 

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