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Syandana Visual Bug (Tennogen, Deimos Supporter Pack)


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When I equip some kinds of Syandanas on the Valkyr, a small black box appears on the Warframe's chest.
This bug appears on all Valkyr skins except for the Valkyr Prime skin.
I have 43 Syandana, and this bug appears in Yomo Syandana, Kunshu Syandana, and Khrusos Syandana.
This bug is not affected by the Syandana color and only appears in black.
As the positions of the boxes appearing in the three Syandanas are different, it appears to be a Syandana related bug.
It does not appear to appear when wearing these Syandanas on another Warframe.
I hope you can figure out the cause and fix the bug.






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