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Awful Iso Vault update


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I posted this elsewhere, but I'm not really sure if it was really going to pop up much in the eyes of the DE staff. Might delete later.


Okay... I'm really not the forums guy, but I gotta say what I think about those new Iso Vaults and their design.

I ran them solo today and it was confusing as hell. Annoying and confusing.

  • First of all the tileset is absolutely not parcours friendly in any way and the design is frustratingly confusing.
  • Second the Bonus part where Loid is powering up the generators is too long now.
    He's flying almost through the whole vault to get to one crystal, then he's flying all the way back to get the other ones.
    That's bad design in my opinion and should be at least reversed or reduced to a smaller area.

I'm a hard working man and the little time I've got to play this game (which i really like somehow) is rapidly going
down the drain with the new design choices made by DE.

How am I supposed to get all the heavy weapon parts until a new chapter will be released, rendering the "new"
weaponry obsolete?

Please DE... You guys gotta work on those damn Iso Vaults to make them at least enjoyable.

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