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Change to Operator Facial Accessories


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Swazdo-Lah fellow Tennos! <3

Today Twitch delivered us the Vayas Prime Operator Accessories Set which i must say are lovely! Tho it also highlighted a small issue when it comes to customizing Operators.

Currently the 3 Operator Accessory Slots are classified as:

Facial Accessories
Ear Accessrories
Eye Accessories

This means some items we own as Accessories are locked behind specific categories and some accessories many times are in categories that dont properly match where they are on the Operator's face, therefore limits how we can mix and match them in the customization screen.
What if [DE] changed this so instead of naming them in the three categories above (Facial/Ear/Eye), they only named as "Slots 1~3" , allow all Operator Accessories to show in every one of the slots so players can pick which ones they want independent of where they attach on the Operator's face? This would allow player to better match accessories they have, maybe even make some interesting blends with two different mask or glasses types? I know there would be a lot of clipping but that would be up to the player deciding if it looks good enough or not.

As it stands for example i cant use my "Dual Oculus" with the "Vayas Prime Mask" because they are both on the Eye Accessories category.

Should a piece of accessory already have been picked and attached to another slot, picking it again on the other slot will instead swap it to avoid duplicity.

What are fellow Tennos thoughts on this?

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yes, this is what makes PSO2s fashion fun you clip things together to make a whole. also with the Vayas mistake I got to see the smelter mask with a half mask and it looks great but i miss my glasses. (smelter mask does not allow face  slots only eye slot) I have been wanting a half mask in the smelter for a helm with some glasses for a long time with a little freedom it would be amazing what we could do to make operators feel more ours.

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