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3 New Railjack Bugs after Arcana Update

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Ever since the Arcana Update/Hotfix, I've noticed these new things in Railjack:

(btw, THANKS DE for updating the missing Player list while engaged with RJ stations! It's back. :) )

1. Minor Cosmetic Glitch: Scrap Icons in the 'Wreckage Capacity' UI are showing as blank instead of with pictures of guns, reactors, etc. I've confirmed this multiple times today doing several railjack excursions.




2. Invisible Walls in Veil Proxima

So far, I've only done Gian Point, but I've been running into invisible walls in areas that should be clear. I do a lot of zipping around through wreckage and asteroids, and I've definitely found my ship getting caught up on stuff that isn't really there. 


3. More Hull Breaches

Maybe this is intentional on DE's part, but I'm experiencing far more breach surges than normal as of today. It's as if the crewship's missiles have more status chance now. Was that an actual change? If not, it's something that's happening.


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There are DEFINITELY invisible walls now, at least in Gian Point. I'm getting hung on on stuff that doesn't make sense. I think it's involving that new landmark you put in there:




Frost Prime beseeches you: Fix the new invisible walls!




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