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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.2

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The Tranq-Waypoint sounds really good, I hope it's not as brokes as most of the other waypoints ^^

And the orbiters inside is a bit overexposed since the U29.5.0 (which gave us the new cockpit consoles)

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"Fixed ragdolled enemies not getting marked by the Fluid Sac in the new bounty type."

Just made a post about that garbage mission. Low and behold it was because I thought larva would be a positive and group enemies together. Looks like it was the reason I never wanted to do another vault...

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Enemy Voidrigs are still spamming their Shield Power far more often than intended. At least, visually so; they're covered in blue glow and their health bar goes grey practically every 5 seconds


Edit: after a few more trivaults, it seems to be happening much less often. It seems that if a Voidrig is stuck in an area where it keeps picking up its arms faster than usual, it will spam its shield. And if it picks up its arms as slow as intended, the shield won't get spammed either

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Good work everyone with the quick fixes. Always appreciated

Also, I got 276 Steel Essence in my inbox. I could hug you. Killing those miserable 2-hour farms was probably the best thing about this update.

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can we get now any way to change at least loaders of weapons we have made alrdy for kitguns?? cause now if we keep going tons of thing RE-do all from 0 comes rlly bad, can we do like 25 k standing and lose a forma or alike?

kitguns now with the infested changed a lot

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I know it is a bit annoying that I say this but it is planned to fix soon the fishing bug that leaves you immobile? The truth is tremendously disgusting since there Deimos I have not been able to fish.

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Bruh, you gotta fix the changes you've made to Steel Essence farming... a lot of people have spent hundreds of plat on farming gear specifically for farming on odin and it's not poggers that you're making those purchases worthless. SE farming was hurting no one, so why the heck did ya get rid of it?


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6 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Thank you for the hotfix.

Please reduce all the new Eximus units to 3 scans in the Codex. 30 is a bit high.

Any extra moment I can make my helios make another cute little beep is a blessing and I won't have you taking this away from me you demon. 

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