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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.2

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Found new bugs in deimos some happen rarely some are common Rare ones : After getting in mech u can't get out from it also mech abilites are being prevented from using , i could use archwing inside the vault, this happened once me and a friend were farming sporothrix parts and we got 1 part from the bonus but then after the run we checked inventory and it wasn't there. Common ones : if your in a group and selecting missions if you dont force it and if others dont vote yes/no to start it you and the rest get locked from using esc button again and you cant talk to mother again because the mission is already selected but noone can vote yes/no so its pretty much over,  mist mission in new vault often ruins my runs because after killing juggler other infested dont spawn and yet timer keeps counting down after it runs out you can try again but its the same and your in a loop  so even if u abandon it and you redo the mission you get the same missions in the same order so ur wasting your time because it will happen again so if your doing t3 new missions and this happens in the first run of your new arcane, weapon farm 50 min is a lot of time to even get to the point you can even do the farm mission you planned to do (if you dont skip loid) and its very annoying it happened to me 3 times, this happened 2 times when you clear the cave to do new mission it was still locked and i had to the same 1 again but it let me skip the 1 phase with bait mobile mission thats about it for now.

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So, color me curious. But is the definition of "Improvements" and "Fixes" different to you fine folks at DE then it is to the rest of us? I would really like to understand what you mean by those terms. Because after multiple reference searches ( both hard print and internet), those definitions seem pretty straight forward. 

Interestingly enough, I did have one search come up "See Alternative Facts". Odd, I wasn't aware that you folks have hired the originator of that particular axiom. But given that she will be seeking new employment, it only stands to reason that you generous folks at DE would like to test out her skill set before engaging her to full time employment. Kudo's.

Additionally, I would also like to thank you folks at DE for such a vast wealth of stunning content and quality changes to Warframe. It simply took my boys and my breath away, to the point to where we will need to take an extended break away from the game, just so we can fully appreciate the sheer magnificence and magnitude of this awe inspiring content drop that you have given the player base. It was truly a wonderous thing.

Given that you folks at DE have obviously surpassed your visionary expectations for your game, my boys and I have decided that it is time to assist some other deserving indie developer who has a grand conceptual vision similar to your own. After all, you folks are at the apex of your game. It's probably best to give some little Indie our attention and finances, especially in these current difficult times.

My boys and I do wish you folks at DE all the best, and hope you keep pushing out such stellar Improvements and Fixes. I'm sure the community will reward you well for such efforts.

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21 hours ago, FUBAR-BDHR said:

Heck you usually can't damage them even if you can see them.  You now have to hit an enemy directly.  Hitting the dome doesn't work anymore even though that's what the ability says to do.


Who cares if they are behind walls, floor... If dome can catch them there, they should be able to be damaged by hitting the dome. 

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