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What is going on ?


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11 minutes ago, (NSW)IronElemental said:

Or sitting on a swing on a high building's rooftop, screaming "whats going on!! While occasionally abusing an old accoustic guitar?

If im the only one remembering this old music video, i feel old and shall mailorder my coffin tomorrow, just in case...

oh god bro, nope you're not alone. "And I said HEY YEH YEH YEH YEH, HEY YEH YEH...."

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1 hour ago, MachinegunGeorge said:

What is going on ?

Nothing. I had a great, very filling lunch while watching The Grand Tour. 

So far, Jeremy's broken down multiple times, as has May. Hammond's done quite well with his kind of is/kind of isn't beach buggy. 
Also, I've been wondering what I'll put my money on during Black Friday. 
Otherwise, pretty good Friday today. 

Oh, you mean the game: DE nerfed stuff, released a mech that seemingly sucks, arcane that suck, and other stuff. 

Anyways, I await Cyberpunk 2077 next month, and Hitman 3 in January. 

Also, my favorite Youtuber hit 1 million subscribers.


Why? What's going on with you?

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