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The forum reward thread for the events says 100 total missions overall to be qualified for the T3 rewards and that you have to pick a side and have more missions with them right?
Also ingame the indicator says 5/5 Corpus lets say for the reward but if I change my mind and want the Grineer reward I have to do 10 missions (5 to null the corpus rating and 5 to gain grineer rating).

So my question is - if I did those 15 missions on the same sector 5 for corpus and 10 for grineer - will it count as 15 or just as 5 (for the grineer)?

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It will count as 10 for Gineer and 5 for corpus in your personal stats and 5 for your battle pay for the grineer. I tested it yesterday did 5 grinner, got the personal stats credit, did 1 corpus, also got the credit but lost 1 point in battle pay

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I asked because I am aiming for the 100 T3 rewards but I've done what I described several times already and I just want to know do I have to relive the agony of doing the same mission over and over again to compensate :(

If any moderator/admin is watching this please confirm. Thank you for your attention guys! :)

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