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What's wrong with the index/mission rewards?


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Before the new hot fix, the index was perfectly fine but I seem to be running into some serious bugs/glitches now, I'll list some examples below that have happened numerous times the entire 1 day the hotfix has been out for. Honestly, I wouldn't have cared were it not for the fact that out of the 1.4 mil credits (using a booster) I was supposed to get, the game only gave me 250k.

•Enemies seem to able to teleport out of your combos, literally no indication, they just disappear and pop up across the map

•Enemies can on occasions one shot you, not even a rare occurrence as it happens once every run I do

•The round can seemingly end at random with you losing, although very rare I must admit, as it has happened only twice to me

•As I just mentioned above, you can lose literal millions if the game wishes to do so for seemingly no reason

•Sometimes, although very rarely, enemies can become invulnerable to damage for a short period of time (their health bar doesn't change, they literally take no damage and you don't even get a damage indicator to show that you're doing 0 damage)

•Rarely again, you can explode for no reason, and the kill indicator pins the killer as a random enemy on the opposite team

•And although minor, (as I think this is more of a network problem) at times your character can fail to pick up index points no matter how many times you walk over them 

Apparently other people are experiencing missing rewards with other missions. Seems like a pretty serious bug that I'm already tired of.

Share any experiences u guys have of the index acting screwy or you just not getting your mission rewards, maybe DE will see this and investigate what's causing all these problems.

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Index has been buggy since I started playing about 4 months ago... First time at Index, it was okay... second time, #*!% THAT! Me and my squad had 99 points in, while the enemies had nothing and yet when they scored 1 point, all our time went from 3 minutes to instantly lost. WTF DE?! Third time, okay, it wasn't bad... enemies would be able to knock you down but you can't move unless you jump. Fourth through 20th time... Same thing as the second time I was in Index. 21st to 30th, okay it is okay... 40th... NO! GOD, NO! I hated the 40th because it is where I just #*!%ing quit Index due to the bugs. I encountered all the bugs you described on my 40th time and one more... random "Network not responding" yet it wouldn't kick me out but after the mission results, I LOST 2.3m credits due to voting and that stupid "Network not responding" error. It seems Warframe is more buggy than any of Bethesda Games...

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It just happened to me too. I was in index, winning 85/100, the enemies zero when suddenly they scored 1 point and the timer went from 150 seconds to zero and we lost. Then we tried again but this time one of ours died and an enemy grabbed almost 20 points and clipped through the floor, all of us stayed near the enemy's point deliver station and out of nowhere the clipped invisible enemy delivered 18 points and our timer immediately went out and we lost. The credit loss is not the issue, the worse in this is the amount of time we lost doing that, since we were saving points for the next round and managing time so we didn't time out. On the last try when the server time reset hit, we automatically lost the round too. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

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