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Animal Fighting Alternatives


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This is a bit of a different suggestion, but I wanted to make it anyway since I haven't seen something similar. I enjoy Warframe quite a bit, but when I tried to introduce my partner to it, they stopped playing because the combat and sounds for Kubrows really bothered them. They really don't like fighting animal enemies in most games, and even though there's significant differences between any kind of real-life violence against animals and what's in Warframe, it's still too close for them.

I've got a couple of ideas on mitigating this.

  • Optional reskin of animal enemies (Kubrow, Kavat, Hyekka, Drahk). This requires art assets and a significant commitment, not expecting this to happen.
  • Remove these enemies entirely. This may effect game balance, but may be doable.
  • Local changes to make the enemies invisible and silent client-side
  • Have the tranq rifle effect these enemies in mission. This obviously wouldn't count for conservation missions but would offer a nonlethal way to deal with these enemies.

We're not offended by the content existing or anything, just looking for an option not to engage with it personally.


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