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Orb Vallis - Vehicle Damage Spike since Arcana?


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So I did a few bounties out in OV about a week ago trying to get some Debt Bonds and had very little trouble, but having gone back out there today it seems like the damage from both the Coildrives and Dropships has spiked rather dramatically. I'd almost put it on par with the Heavy Gunner damage bug in the Plains from a while back. Is it just me? I wasn't using any new configs or frames yet by simply passing a Coildrive on the road would leave a pretty real dent in my life(nevermind my shields that would be torn to shreds in anything above the T1 bounties). This was also reflected when a passing Coildrive basically plowed right through the captured Coildrive in a matter of seconds from almost perfect condition, and a similar issue arose when trying to defend an extractor when 3 Dropships practically landed on it and proceeded to bombard it with cannon fire covering it so completely I had to bullet jump on top of them to get close enough for it to 'accept' the battery I was holding. Didn't see anything about this in the patch notes but it wouldn't be the first time my search-fu failed me.

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