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Acolytes Payed Me A Visit In An Open World . They're More Than Welcome!


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Hi DE,

I was just minding my own business in the Plains, doin' some fishin', for the NW challenge, and thought of doing some conservation too (never done so in the Plains), its actually really enjoyable if done between intense mission types (it's a matter of pacing and tension).

And because I was in Steel Path mode, outta nowhere, a wild Acolyte appeared! It caught me by surprise, and I loved it! Can we please have more of those assassination type enemies appear in open worlds as well?

So, yeah, well done DE!

PS. Airburst in way more enjoyable now, I even subsumed into some frames as well. Still feels a little clunky tho, not as streamlined as Larva or Magnetize. Ash's Blade Storm is also a huge improvement, not causing me nausea every time i  used it pre U29.5.

More PS. Steel Path changes are amazing so far. I go in, do what i want, get to fight some intense mofos (even lost 3 times in a row, which is the whole point of a game), and get some sweet Steel Essence.


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On 2020-11-21 at 6:42 AM, (PSN)xBellikx said:

Nice, looking forward to the new Steel Path.

It already was quite enjoyable, especially survival missions, they were really intense (especially for someone who hates meta builds and prefers to use frames and equipment I enjoy most)

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