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Locked up in pubs, when people requeue while you're still loading..


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This happens to me all the time.  People are able to requeue the next mission, while you are still loading back to orbiter.  You get back and if they haven't already dragged you into the next mission, they are waiting for you to accept the group or leave, but you have no ability to do so.  The esc menu does nothing.  Even if they leave, you are unable to start a mission, even by leaving navigation and reopening it.  The only solution is to restart the game.  It's all related to the terrible end of mission screen, which takes too long to load and just shows frames in 3d w music.

The bug even went a step further and eventually loaded me back to my ship, while it started my teammates in another mission.  I could hear what was going on in their mission, and see the mini map, but I was in my orbiter.  It was incredible.  This is what the included screenshot is of.  (I do not know if this has been addressed in the recent update, but I did not notice it in the patch notes.




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