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Melee Weapons Does Not Work When I'm Down


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hi, when im playind and im down by a MOA shock wave (for example) after being knocked down i cant use my melee weapon, and....when I return to be demolished I can already use my melee weapon.


my character is a melee so when I can not use my sword I can not do anything ><!

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To be honest, meele builds are pretty sh*tty at the moment. Unless you got Galatine with charge build.

And the bug with blocked meele is pretty common. Changing weapons sometimes helps, sometimes it's using your skill, or jst shooting few bullets.

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thanks for the replies guys!

they will be working on it...I guess.


I did not know that this build was a sh**tt xD, but is the role that I like : /,now use the dual ether I will try :D.

forgive me if you do not understand me, I'm Spanish, I try the best I can speak ><!

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