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Vayas Prime Accesories in the wrong place?


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Looking at the new accessories for the operator, notice that 2 of them are in wrong places, and one of them has a wrong name, named as "diadem" when its more like an "oculus".



Mask in Eyes Accesories


Examples of oculus are like new vayas prime diadem


Vayas prime "diadem" in facial accesories, but are over the eyes


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I can confirm its the same for me:

  • The "Vayas Prime Mask" that covers the mouth uses the "Eye accessory" slot
  • The "Vayas Prime Diadem" that covers the eyes uses the "Facial accessory" slot

Even though other "diadems" are found in the "Facial" category, If we want to mix and match with other similar accessories like the "Cogna" series, swapping the slot used for those would make it easier to mix and match with other stlyes.

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